Social Media and Open Source Investigation


Title:Social Media and Open Source Investigation

Date:Thursday, March 8, 2018

Time:1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

Webinar Outline

The amount of information contained on social media and open source platforms is astonishing. The number of users uploading information from mobile devices continues to grow. Social Media and Open Source investigations are becoming an important tool to investigators. This webinar will discuss setting up convert accounts and why this is important for investigative purposes.

Topics Discussed
  • The Importance and Use of VPN When Conducting Searches
  • Evidence Collection and Documentation
  • Useful Tools to Capture Searches and Document Evidence
  • Various Search Engines and the Use of Google Alerts
  • Google Search Strings


Jim Rovers Jim Rovers
SVP Operations AFIMAC

Mr. Rovers has been actively involved in the fields of security, investigations and labour dispute for nearly two decades. With a background in manufacturing engineering, he has assisted many Fortune 500 companies in the development of contingency plans regarding security, transportation and temporary staffing. He has worked extensively throughout Canada and the United States on investigation of theft and narcotic issues in the workplace.

Mr. Rovers joined AFIMAC in 2004 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. A former executive of HRPLD (Human Resource Professionals of London) and he is a member of ASIS, the American Society of Industrial Security. Mr. Rovers is in the process of completing his CHRP (Canadian Human Resources Professional) accreditation.

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