Rio Olympics - Gold, Silver or Bronze for this new discipline in security acrobatics
Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Ali Tehrani, Senior Director

Webinar Outline

The impact of Brazilian Geopolitics before and during the games, a government in turmoil and public outcries has set the stage for what some are calling the most challenging Olympic Games in history. The international community has contributed funds and other resources to assist in the complex security architecture of the games, which are spread out over different parts of the city of Rio, making control and containment all the more difficult. Rio's pre-Olympic conditions had deteriorated with strong anti-Olympic sentiment amongst the poor and disenfranchised. Reports of increasing criminality and continuously deteriorating conditions casts a dark shadow on the XXXI Olympics.

Topics discussed will include:

    •     Geopolitics impacting a major event
    •     Security architecture - an international effort to consolidate limited resources
    •     Event topography - the challenges of containment without impeding the games
    •     Peripheral conditions - the effect of pre-existing problems
    •     Global perception - Rio realities vs. media hype

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