Non-Violent Confrontation Management
Date:Thursday, July 7, 2016
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST
Cost: FREE
Speaker: Rob Shuster, VP Protective Services and Training, AFIMAC Global
Stephen Barth, Attorney and Founder, Hospitality Lawyer

Webinar Outline
This webinar will focus on verbal and nonverbal tools to handle confrontational exchanges with agitated people. We will review the stages of how a confrontational situation typically progresses and how they can be averted. Attendees will learn ways to prevent the incident from becoming personal and getting emotionally charged. This will enhance one's ability to de-escalate hostility when faced with it. This includes practical measures regarding environment, demeanor, attitude, speech, and body position and setting limitations when dealing with these types of situations. These tools can help one feel more self-confident when handling such situations and prevent them from getting out of control.

This webinar will be done in an interview format, covering the following content:
    •     Dynamics of a Confrontation
    •     Underlying Factors Driving Behavior
    •     Fear and Anxiety
    •     Non-Verbal De-escalation Techniques
    •     Verbal De-escalation Techniques
    •     Typical Progression of a Confrontation
    •     Recovery Considerations

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