High-Risk Terminations – What You Need to Know
High-Risk Terminations – What You Need to Know

Date: Tuesday, September 15th, 2020    |    Time: 1:15pm - 2:15pm EST    |    Cost: FREE
Webinar Outline

With many being isolated at home from COVID-19, with minimal prospects of finding new employment, and the constant focus of impending doom from TV and social media has created an environment with more frequent occurrences of high-risk terminations. Our upcoming webinar is designed to assist you in preparing plans to deal with any potentially challenging situation.
Webinar Outline
Topics Discussed Overview
  • Warning Signs and Behaviours
  • Social Media and Online – (As a Source of Intelligence)
  • Termination Location
  • Is Virtual Termination Being Considered (COVID-19)
  • Pre and Post-Termination Security Measures
  • Effective Communication and De-escalation Techniques
  • Privacy Challenges and Considerations
Case Study

An employee is terminated virtually. Union, HR, and manager join a Zoom call to discuss the termination. The employee indicates he plans to shoot and kill those on the call, and co-workers at the company’s offices. In addition, he threatens to kill himself. We will discuss this case in detail and provide steps taken to mitigate the risk.
Webinar Outline
Topics Discussed Who Should Attend:
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Labour Relations
  • Corporate Security
  • Legal
Webinar Speaker

Jim Rovers Jim Rovers
Senior Vice President - Operations

Jim Rovers is Senior Vice President - Operations, for AFIMAC Canada. Mr. Rovers is a security practitioner having worked extensively in Canada for the past 30 years. Jim has responsibility for all of AFIMAC Canada's operations. Specialties: Labour Dispute Management, Threat Risk Assessments, Investigations, Executive Protection.
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