Workplace Violence Incidents Highlight Need for Extensive Workplace Security

Oct 04,2022

Workplace Violence Concerns Grow for Many Businesses Workplace Violence Concerns Grow for Many Businesses

Workplace violence recently reared its head in Ontario after a man shot several people, including a police officer and his boss. Sean Petrie’s violent rampage reveals a troubling trend of gun and workplace violence in North America, which is likely to have many businesses address high-risk terminations and workplace threats. While this instance of gun violence was targeted against a small business owner, many larger corporations should be taking a close look at threat risk assessments and other preventative measures.

Workplace gun violence has also emerged in the logistics industry, as a 2021 mass shooting incident at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis reveals the strain many professionals in the supply chain industry are experiencing. While workplace violence declined during the pandemic, they continue to soar today. While recessionary fears mount for many sectors, one high-risk termination or mass layoff can lead to a devastating tragedy.

Workplace Violence Statistics

Workplace violence has been on a troubling rise in 2022, which has historically been aimed at healthcare workers but is now spilling into other industries. Over 200 million people across North America experience some form of workplace violence, either on the job site or outside the job site but related to work. Many workers are often unaware of the security measures their business has in place, typically signifying a lack of safety culture within many corporations.

Ultimately, workplace violence has been estimated to have cost industries $200 billion in
damages, which can be prevented.

Workplace Violence Risks Facing Business

Workplace violence is a complex risk to address, even if an employer actively attempts to predict it. The rising trend of layoffs and high-risk terminations throughout North America means employers should be exploring every possible option to protect themselves and their

Some indicators of potential workplace violence often involve the deterioration of an individual’s emotional and physical wellness, including signs of irritability, depression, and declining hygiene. Many workers that are upset with a business’s decision to lay off a workforce may organize online, taking to social media to vent their frustrations or issue threats against their former employer.

Executive leaders and business owners who are about to lay off a workforce are likely to face many negative consequences that could include instances of gun violence, similar to what occurred in Ontario. Protective agents and close protection bodyguards offer an immediate solution to threats of violence, but the risks do not stop there. After an especially difficult and high-risk termination, employees may return to the job site several weeks later to partake in violence. At other times, a disgruntled worker may target business leaders and other managers at home or during public appearances.

Workplace Violence Solutions by AFIMAC

During these difficult times, many businesses should be planning for the worst, especially if they are going to conduct layoffs. AFIMAC has worked closely alongside many Fortune 500 companies across North America, Mexico, and South America to address concerns tied to workplace violence and high-risk terminations. More importantly, AFIMAC can also provide pre- and post-termination surveillance to mitigate violence and prevent it before it happens. AFIMAC predicts incidents of gun violence before they happen with social media and online threat assessments. These tools can monitor publicly available information and assess the risks of individuals who have been recently laid off. AFIMAC’s high-risk termination support is comprehensive in its nature, with security resources capable of being dispatched on short notice.

Never leave workplace safety to chance; contact Jim Rovers of AFIMAC directly at and learn more about services available to business leaders. AFIMAC’s service offerings are tailored to the image-conscious client with threat risk assessments that can address violence before it happens.

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