Remote High-Risk Terminations Can Still Pose Security Threats

January 31, 2022

Fired Worker How to Manage Risks During High-Risk Remote Terminations

Remote workforces have become common across the globe. While video calls and text messages have become an easy way to communicate in a remote work environment, terminating an employee comes with unique challenges. Business owners should know about the potential security risks when terminating employees in a remote workforce. Some situations can be unpredictable and require extra care and caution, along with security efforts that can address any issues before they happen.

Remote layoffs are an unfortunate cost of doing business as many companies take a hard look at their budgets and make necessary cuts. While layoffs might be required, compassion is still key to ensuring the safety of your workforce. Take the steps needed to ensure that your business can navigate the labor complications of 2022 and focus on the next steps towards a full economic rebound.

High-Risk Terminations: The Truth About Online Layoffs

The new year can come with the unfortunate news of remote terminations, and how you handle it will reflect on the business’s future and could impact recruitment efforts.

Remote terminations don’t offer the same levels of compassion as meeting an employee face-to-face. They can come off as impersonal, reflect poorly on the company, and can be recorded and shared online. Some employees might take the termination personally, especially if it is a pre-recorded video. It may also give off a cold impression to the terminated employee, causing them to lash out and pose a security risk to those they live with or other employees.

Security Guard High-Risk Terminations and the Need for Security

Remote employees who take the news poorly regarding their termination can react in a number of ways. Most commonly, employees will take to social media or popular job boards to voice their displeasures with the company. In more extreme circumstances, the terminated employee might turn to in-person harassment, tracking down certain executives or fellow employees, and visiting their homes in a fit of anger.

High-ranking executives bear the burden of mass layoffs and often require careful security services that can address these situations. In some instances, even the friends and family members of executives can receive threats or experience harassment in public. These unfortunate instances are one of the many costs of doing business. Plan ahead to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.

High-Risk Terminations in Hybrid Work Environments

Even companies that offer a mix of office and remote work have taken a hard stance on vaccination status. Hybrid work environments are under pressure to ensure staff can return to the office safely. Many major tech giants have taken a “no jab, no job” approach to in-office work, which is likely to result in online terminations in the very near future. “Vaccination terminations” are becoming increasingly common, especially in remote workforces who plan to return to the office one day.

The varying opinions on COVID-19 vaccines have elicited many emotions among workforces. Remote vaccination terminations present issues for business leaders, requiring careful preparation for a safe return to the office. Some employees may take days or weeks to react negatively to their termination, returning to the job site and potentially lashing out with violence. Offices can also be subject to vandalism, prompting the need for physical security guards and access control systems around the clock.

Office Building High-Risk Terminations and Security Concerns Addressed by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is well-versed in dealing with difficult high-risk terminations. We have provided a full suite of security services for image-conscious clients for over 50 years, helping manage some of the unfortunate costs of doing business. Lean on the experience of AFIMAC to offer far-ranging security services that can mitigate risks and protect what matters most to you and your business. Products include executive protection, close protection bodyguards, protective drivers, access control systems, and ongoing security assessments to help your company get back on its feet in 2022.

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