High-Risk Terminations and Worker Absenteeism: Where to Begin

February 7, 2022

High-Risk Terminations High-Risk Terminations and Labor Turmoil: Guidance for Business Leaders

The hurdles North American business owners face continue to mount as the global economy moves into a post-pandemic era. Ongoing economic turmoil across North America has put industry leaders in difficult situations, realizing that volatile swings in demand are entirely unpredictable. Today high-risk terminations, mass layoffs, and temporary workforces are a reality that many business owners must embrace to manage the complications of 2022.

At a time when businesses might have to temporarily lay off workers or enlist the help of agency temps, these types of business decisions can turn high-risk in an instant. Mass layoffs may prompt issues of workplace violence against HR managers or fellow co-workers while enlisting temporary workforces can solicit a negative response from workers concerned about their job security.

As labor turmoil takes hold across North America, business owners and executive leaders can take the extra step to secure their job sites and mitigate Corporate security concerns before they turn into greater problems.

High-Risk Terminations Expected Across Many Industries

Many business owners are seeing the uncertainty of the global economy, with unpredictable swings in demand that could mean a constant battle between hiring and laying off workforces.

Staffing challenges of all kinds should be expected across the manufacturing and logistics industry as supply chain security complications force businesses to make hard decisions in regard to their workforces. The oil, natural gas, and mining industries may also experience a wave of high-risk terminations in the coming months, along with the hospitality, tourism, and airline industries still facing extended uncertainty.

High-Risk Terminations High-Risk Terminations and Inevitable Security Concerns for Your Business

Laid-off workers can pose several threats to your business, as high-risk terminations can solicit a negative reaction in the form of workplace violence, harassment, stalking of executives, and unfortunate active shooter situations. Your local community may also respond to mass layoffs by protesting or picketing, generating a complex security concern at your job site. When businesses experience political protests, it not only creates a security issue but can further harm your productivity and slow the flow of goods coming in and out of the job site.

The security concerns from these types of layoffs are very real and require careful planning to mitigate risk and protect remaining workers and executives.

In other situations, picketing and protests may turn to digital platforms, with former employees looking to harm your company’s reputation and brand online. Laid-off workers might take their displeasure with your company’s decision to lay off staff on popular social media platforms, slandering your company’s brand or individual executives.

Laid-off workers can also organize online and make collective attempts to discredit your business within the community. Digital protests are becoming increasingly common and are a real threat to your business’ reputation.

Aside From High-Risk Terminations, Absenteeism and Burnout Offer New Challenges

Many institutions are experiencing the flip side of labor turmoil; struggling to maintain operations and preventing worker burnout. The healthcare and education sectors are enlisting the help of temporary workforces to manage workloads. Workforces may respond negatively to replacement workers, adding another complex layer to labor turmoil across North America.

The stress that healthcare workers and educators face each day is slowly leading to degrading mental health and friction among co-workers. The unfortunate result is an increase in workplace negligence and other HR issues that must be addressed before they turn violent.

Office Building High-Risk Terminations and Labor Turmoil Addressed by AFIMAC

Employers must maintain a duty of care obligation to their staff to ensure their safety, even during mass layoffs, labor turmoil, and absenteeism. Disgruntled or over-worked employees can pose risks to fellow co-workers, managers, and HR professionals, with some consequences being delayed for several days. The unfortunate truth is that workplace violence and negligence are set to rise, placing the onus on employers to address these situations before these complications get much worse.

Should your business or government agency be experiencing labor turmoil, take the necessary steps to ensure that you, your property, and your co-workers are safe from the unfortunate incidents that can occur. Layoffs are one of the many costs of doing business in 2022, and with the right preparation, your company can maintain its reputation during these challenging times.

AFIMAC Global has provided countless services, including security services, protective drivers, security audits, executive protection, and access control for a long list of Fortune 500 and image-conscious companies across North America.

Your preparations alongside AFIMAC can ensure that your workforce remains safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about our suite of products that can address any high-risk termination.
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