High-Risk Terminations and the Costs of Doing Business in 2022

January 31, 2022

fired worker High-Risk Terminations and the Risks Associated with Mass Layoffs

While the decision isn’t personal, your workforce might take it personally in the event of a mass layoff. High-risk terminations are unfortunately set to be a common occurrence in 2022, as many businesses take a close look at their budgets and trim their workforces. The ongoing pandemic has challenged many industries, presenting the unfortunate truth that some employees will need to conduct layoffs to stay viable.

Terminating an employee is never fun, but business owners should know that in certain circumstances, some terminated employees may lash out and potentially become violent. Layoffs and terminations are never personal but an unfortunate cost of doing business in 2022. In these circumstances, you owe it to your workforce to protect your existing employees with security services that can provide a safe work environment for all.

Are High-Risk Terminations Expected Across North America in 2022?

Unemployment has risen and declined sharply throughout the pandemic, reaching historic highs in April 2020 at over 14%. As of December 2021, unemployment rates dropped back down and dipped just under 4%. With rolling lockdowns and emerging restrictions tied to COVID-19, unemployment could rise as many industries lay off and adjust their workforces.

angry fired worker High-Risk Terminations: Addressing Potential Workplace Security Concerns

A simple security service presence during a potentially high-risk termination can protect business leaders and the HR professionals delivering the unfortunate news. It’s also important to consider that proper security and protection might be required several days after the termination. In some circumstances, terminated employees may return to the workplace and lash out at managers and other employees, creating a potentially dangerous situation involving violence.

Active shooter situations are a terrible reality and prompt the need for additional security forces and access control systems to ensure your employees are offered a safe workplace. Screening, key-card systems, and metal detectors are just some of the ways a business can secure its workplace and ensure it is business as usual, even after a significant layoff of staff.

High-Risk Terminations as a Result of Vaccine Mandates

Vaccine mandates have offered yet another challenge for business owners and even publicly funded agencies, including police forces, military bodies, and public transport services. Making the decision to lay off unvaccinated workers is complicated and rooted in an employer’s duty of care responsibilities. Unvaccinated workers present significant risks to others and those they serve and could prompt employers to lay off a small percentage of their entire workforce.

The finer details of laying off unvaccinated workforces rely on state and provincial vaccine mandates and require careful collaboration with labor lawyers and specialized third parties. In the event an employer must lay off unvaccinated workers, employers are encouraged to reach out to specialized agencies to navigate potential legal ramifications and address potential risks with security forces, executive protection, and access control systems.

inside of bus Industries Set to Experience High-Risk Terminations and Layoffs in 2022

These industries are set to experience high-risk terminations in 2022:

  • Public transportation services
  • Travel, leisure, and hospitality
  • Logistics, including freight and cargo industries
  • The truck driving industry
  • Healthcare, including hospital workers, nurses, and long-term care professionals
  • Military, police, and security industries
  • Grocery and retail stores
  • Entertainment, including movie theatres and amusement
  • Manufacturing, including raw materials, metals, and other mining industries

High-Risk Terminations: Security Services Offered by AFIMAC

Should your business or government agency be considering laying off a large portion of your workforce, take the necessary steps to ensure that you, your property, and co-workers are safe from any incidents that can happen during a high-risk termination. Layoffs are one of the many unfortunate costs of doing business in 2022, and with the right preparation, your company can maintain its reputation during these challenging times.

AFIMAC Global can speak to your business’ needs during these difficult times. AFIMAC has provided countless services, including security, protective drivers, executive protection, access control to workplaces for a long list of Fortune 500 companies across North America. Your preparations alongside AFIMAC can ensure that your workforce remains safe and secure, even during challenging layoffs. Contact us today to learn more about our suite of products that can address any high-risk termination.
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