Disaster Training For Your Workforce

January 18, 2021

Working from Home Proper Planning and Preparedness Could Make or Break Your Company

Many companies and institutions are implementing extensive disaster training efforts for large fleets of workforces. COVID-19 has taught many business owners that they must remain prepared for anything, as many businesses had to scramble in the midst of the pandemic to protect their workforce and maintain productivity.

Travel and Infrastructure Services Launch Wide-Scale Disaster Training

Many transportation agencies are implementing extensive amounts of disaster training that go far beyond the challenges that came with COVID-19. This company staged a massive mock disaster event that included not only all staff but also emergency, fire, and police services. The event itself provided an example of a significant natural disaster scenario and detailed information about each employee’s role.

These mock events require months of preparation, careful response planning, and emergency procedures that need to be implemented in an instant. Many other transit agencies are following suit, drafting up complicated scenarios that involve events of terrorism, political unrest, weather emergencies, and pandemics.

Stethoscope Healthcare Facilities Rethink their Approach with Disaster Training

Hospitals and healthcare facilities were hit particularly hard by COVID-19. These facilities are now aiming to stay prepared for anything and are providing continuous training for all staff that can help them respond in an instant should a crisis occur.

With many of society’s most vulnerable populations situated in hospitals and long term care homes, preparedness efforts are being ramped up well before this current pandemic ends. These facilities continue to rethink how they manage the flow of people coming in and out of the facility, access control protocols, and low-touch door systems to prevent further spread.

Military Services Across the World Begin Preparing for the Next Disaster

Many American military institutions had the challenge of managing overseas missions while responding to issues created by the pandemic back home. COVID-19 has stretched resources and now prompted military services to consider the possibility of responding to a natural disaster during a pandemic. Events like hurricanes, floods, and tornados can complicate rescue measures when they occur during a pandemic.

These institutions are now working in collaboration with other overseas and foreign military services to share information and learn from one another how they can properly respond to disasters of any kind. These military institutions have also begun creating mock disaster events that force participants to consider how their staff will work alongside local law enforcement and emergency services, seeking out a “worst-case” scenario that can be planned for well in advance.

The intent is to promote cooperation and communication between many different disaster response pillars and detail how the military will aid the public, local services sectors, and first responders.

Map Continuous Preparedness is the Focus of Disaster Training

Preparedness has become highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many businesses that were not prepared were challenged in ways never thought possible. Suddenly, employee safety became highly complicated, and those who could not respond felt the brunt of the pandemic through both financial and human loss.

Businesses are urged to take disaster training seriously and lean on the expert advice and perspective of third-party agencies specializing in disaster training.

Prepare for Any Disaster or Crisis with AFIMAC

AFIMAC specializes in protecting both people and property with a wide range of comprehensive security and access control services. Properly preparing an enterprise corporation for a disaster takes ongoing planning, continuous assessments, and well-qualified advice to ensure that your institution remains viable during any disaster. AFIMAC has successfully guided multiple Fortune-500 clients through crises and disasters such as COVID-19 and can help you plan for absolutely anything.

Trust the professionals of AFIMAC to provide an exhaustive approach to disaster preparedness and response. Contact us directly to learn more.
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