Active Shooters and the Workplace: A Growing Cause for Concern for Business Owners

February 7, 2022

Office Space Active Shooters - Stay Informed, and Protect Your Workforce

In workplaces across North America, active shooters are an unfortunate reality that business owners and governmental entities are expected to face in 2022. Many workers are on the brink, overworked and exhausted with challenges tied to the pandemic, including deteriorating mental health, a decline in revenues, higher costs of living, and layoffs. Stress levels are at an all-time high, and workplace violence remains a real possibility for workforces.

One high-risk termination in your workplace could turn into a disaster, resulting in a situation that puts your workforce at risk. Workplace violence across North America remains a warning sign for much worse issues that could arise in the future. Business owners should consider whether they have done enough to secure their job sites and protect those they employ.

Active Shooter Incidents and the Role of Mental Health

According to the Mental Health Alliance (MHA), 19% of all Americans face mental illness challenges, with close to 5% experiencing severe mental problems. The pandemic has harmed North Americans’ physical and psychological health, with many under pressure to perform at work, manage multiple parental and childcare responsibilities, and put food on the table for their families.

The financial stress that rising inflation rates have placed on working-class citizens is also set to take a toll on the wellness of North Americans. Soaring grocery prices, increasing rent prices, and limited access to support systems are a recipe for disaster for many people. Workers are under tremendous strain, and there remains a rising possibility for violence to emerge within the workplace.

Globe Showing North America Active Shooter Statistics in North America

It’s important to consider that active shooter situations are not exclusive to the office and can also occur in public spaces, places of worship, malls, and schools. Historically, healthcare workers are subject to the most incidents of workplace violence than any other profession, making up close to 70% of all incidents. Healthcare facilities are on the verge of disaster, with many nurses and professionals feeling tremendous burnout and stress due to labor shortages.

In October of 2021, a nursing assistant fatally shot his coworker at the Jefferson’s Center City hospital in Philadelphia. The workers of this hospital have been under immense strain, not just from the COVID-19 pandemic but also from a spike in opioid overdoses and patients being hospitalized from other criminal activities in the area.

As healthcare facilities across North America feel the strain from increased COVID-19 cases, worker absenteeism and general stress could lead to a potential increase in violent work-related incidents.

Active Shooters Concerns in Multiple Industries and Workplaces

Business leaders across all industries, especially healthcare, should be looking to secure their facilities. Now is the time to address the strain many workers are facing and protect their workplaces with access control and security services. Specialized third parties can consult on best practices, advise on next steps, and offer preparation, training, and security guards to ensure that all workers can go to a job site without concerns of violence or active shooting incidents.

These are serious concerns for business owners as workplace violence can rear its head in various forms, including outbursts that arise in the heat of the moment or even more serious targeted attacks. Preparation is imperative, and business owners should be exercising caution that can prevent any violent incident.

Office Buildings Active Shooters in Workplaces: Resources Offered by AFIMAC

Active shooter incidents at the workplace can happen at any time. One of the best ways to avert such issues is to enlist AFIMAC, global leaders in active shooter prevention. Lean on the expertise of their security specialists for consultation and planning that can save lives during these difficult times. Access control, physical security guards, and ongoing prevention can limit these incidents and offer a safe workplace for your employees.

Rely on the experience of AFIMAC Global, the global leader in workplace and Corporate security that can offer planning, training, and response for active shooter situations. We partner with small, medium, and large public and private sectors to prepare them for these types of events and can help mitigate the risks of violence in the workplace.

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