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May 9,2022

People on Strike Security Drivers: Find Answers to Trending Questions

Security drivers are fundamental to an effective executive protection plan and are, at times, overlooked by executive teams. VIP protection and security chauffeurs offer peace of mind to traveling executives that are faced with threats against their safety. Executives are often required to make unpopular decisions that can result in backlash from former staff or the general public.

In these cases, creating a safe distance between executive teams and the general public can help ensure safety and prevent incidents of violence before they happen. Whether a labor strike or difficult layoff results in security risks, navigating the complexities of life as an executive requires an ongoing commitment to close protection services that include specialized security drivers. Learn more and find answers to the most common questions regarding the use of security drivers in North America.

Why Hire Security Drivers for Travel in North America?

Ongoing investments in security drivers can ensure the safe travel of executives.

There are times that executives must make difficult decisions regarding their business. When negotiations with your workforce’s union turn sour or executives are required to lay off entire fleets of staff, protecting the viability of your business comes with unfortunate consequences. Crossing a picket line during a strike can be dangerous for executives, as striking workers pose security risks that can turn violent very quickly. Picket lines often prompt acts of violence as emotions run high among striking workers. Instances of harassment, vandalism, and violence are not uncommon, and crossing a picket line without a security driver can be a dangerous task.

At other times, layoffs may create tension between the general public and your business, resulting in complex protests at your workplace. Security drivers can work to address these risks and plan for complications along the way. Professional security drivers are skilled at navigating these issues. They are able to respond to violent protests with evasive driving and route planning that can ensure the safety of those they are protecting.

Security Driver Why Should Executives Hire Security Drivers for International Corporate Travel?

Conducting business in an unfamiliar place comes with incredible risk, especially for well-known executives of major companies. Many international kidnapping attempts occur during ground travel, as bad actors are able to monitor the movements of vehicles and partake in criminal activities in neighborhoods they are familiar with. Traveling “under the radar” can be difficult or close to impossible, as high-ranking executives tend to stick out from the general public, especially when visiting remote job sites. Corporate travel in exotic destinations puts your executive team at risk for kidnapping and ransom attempts that require specialized security services.

Security drivers and close protection agents are highly skilled at conducting pre-trip risk management and contingency planning, ensuring safe travel to some of the world’s most remote job sites. Executive protection details that include security drivers are trained to mitigate risks and respond to incidents before they grow into bigger problems and able to adapt at a moment’s notice. When visiting remote job sites across the globe, make efforts to protect yourself and ensure the safe movement of your executives.

Hiring Security Drivers : What Should Executives Look for When Hiring Security Drivers?

Many security drivers are not created equally. Choosing the right driver for your needs requires careful collaboration with third-party security companies that can vouch for the quality of their services. Security companies can tap into talent pools that are often unavailable to the general public, leveraging the skills of drivers who have had

past military and policing experience.

For executives with elaborate itineraries who are required to frequently travel internationally, security companies can work to ensure your needs are met anywhere in the world. Enlisting trained security drivers requires unique access to talent pools and often requires the services of professionals that are familiar with your destination.

: Security Drivers and Executive Protection Provided by AFIMAC

Lean on AFIMAC, the global leader in providing executive protection and security detail. Security drivers are just one component of a full suite of security services available to the executives who need them. AFIMAC maintains security assets across the world and is able to collaborate with local authorities to ensure your safe travel to even the most remote job sites in the world, including Europe, South America, and Africa.

Explore AFIMAC’s suite of security services that include physical security guards, access control for a business or home, around-the-clock security driver services, and much more. Services can be tailored to meet your needs and address any sort of crisis or threat related to your travel needs.

Contact us directly to learn more about available services and address your security needs today.

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