High-Risk Terminations Put So Much More Than Your Job Site at Risk

May 17,2022

Workplace Safety High-Risk Terminations and the Unfortunate Side Effects

High-risk terminations call for so much more than workplace security. Executive protection goes a long way to mitigate risks and address security concerns that can arise from a high-risk termination or layoff. The aftermath can sometimes create security concerns that go far beyond the workplace, with disgruntled employees lashing out in various ways. Workplace security and access control systems play an important role during layoffs, but oftentimes that is not enough. While physical security guards at your workplace can ensure the safety of your remaining workforce, there are many high-risk security threats that can threaten the safety of you and your family.

For the executives who bear the burden of managing a large company that is experiencing layoffs, making these difficult decisions comes with unfortunate consequences. Delivering the news to employees regarding their termination can create serious security concerns who take these business decisions personally and act out through violence and harassment. Mitigating these risks requires an ongoing dedication to executive protection services along with physical security presences beyond the job site.

High-Risk Terminations and Security Concerns for Executives

When the time comes to lay off staff, executives should hope for the best but plan for the worst. Even when employees appear to take the news without any issue, some disgruntled staff members may choose to lash out at executives several weeks after their termination. Following a difficult pandemic, losing a job can push an employee over the edge or worsen existing mental health challenges. At times, disgruntled employees can track down the home addresses of executives and their family members, lashing out with criminal activity.

The executive that shares details about their life or schedule online can unknowingly create security risks for themselves, close staff, and family members. It’s often the norm to share personal details about travel and work arrangements online. The recently laid-off employee may use this information to track an executive’s whereabouts and target them for violent assault. The same can be said about personal phone numbers, travel itineraries, and family and friends’ whereabouts.

Five Security Concerns Five Security Concerns After High-Risk Terminations Every Executive Should Know

Executives face security risks that most people typically do not experience. During a problematic layoff or termination, some staff members may react with violence outside the workplace.

  • Verbal harassment, including threats during public appearances or speaking engagements
  • Vandalism to your home, car, or other property
  • Physical assault
  • Harassment of your family and friends, whether at home or in public
  • Being targeted for instances of theft, fraud, or scams during corporate travel

High-Risk Terminations and Protests and Picketing

In exceptional circumstances, a layoff can prompt a sharp reaction from the general public, making it difficult for executives to travel and conduct business. The power of social media allows for details about terminations and executives to be shared online and those who are upset with these business decisions to organize and protest.

Picketing and protesting your business often prompts the need for security drivers and close protection guards specially trained in executive protection. Crossing a picket line or experiencing a protest against your business comes with serious security concerns that can result in physical harm to you and other staff members. At times, executive teams may require close protection of their family and home around the clock, with security drivers conducting careful route planning to mitigate risks and provide ongoing safety.

High-Risk Terminations and Protests and Picketing High-Risk Terminations and Executive Protection Services Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is uniquely positioned to handle any security concerns that executives face during high-risk terminations. AFIMAC maintains a suite of executive protection services that can address complex threats, assess risks, and offer security details, including security drivers for executives globally.

Ensure the safety of your workforce, executives, and family with highly trained security professionals that can be dispatched quickly. Offerings are tailored to each client and can speak to the most complex travel itineraries and arrangements.

Contact us directly to discuss your security concerns and ensure safe international travel.

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