Will Health Passes Across North America be Met with a Need for Increased Security?

October 29, 2021

temperature pass Health Passes and Proof of Vaccination Leave Business Owners in Hot Water

As the world does its best to stop the spread of COVID-19, health passes are becoming increasingly common. Countries are adopting these health passes to ensure the public is protected from COVID-19.

Of course, not everyone is pleased with the arrival of health passes, and the unvaccinated have taken to the streets to protest their displeasure. As for business owners, concerns are growing that people and property are being exposed to verbal and physical harassment and, in some instances, vandalism.

Should business owners be concerned about requesting proof of vaccination?

Find answers to common questions related to health passes and business in North America.

health pass What is a Health Pass?

Many regions across North America have implemented vaccine mandates in the form of a health pass, requiring patrons visiting a business to show proof of vaccination. Typically, a health pass is a digital certificate or punch card that shows the time and date of full vaccination, but requirements vary from region to region.

Where are Health Passes Required?

The battle against COVID-19 has proven to be very local, and health pass requirements vary depending on the state, region, and country. Many small businesses are now required to request a health pass or proof of vaccination from patrons wanting to enter. Several airlines and airports have implemented vaccine policies, and numerous countries have implemented strict vaccination guidelines for people entering a country.

empty restaurant Which Businesses Are Required to Implement Health Passes?

Every region is different, but many private businesses are now required to request a health pass before entering, including:

  • Restaurants, including bars, wineries, and cafes where patrons can sit and be served by staff
  • Concert theatres, dance halls, and orchestral events serving large audiences
  • Health spas and professional services, including tattoo, nail, and beauty salons
  • Nightclubs, including outdoor concert venues and dance events
  • Event spaces, including corporate event venues designated for conferences
  • Sports and fitness facilities, including gyms, yoga studios, and other athletic training facilities
  • Arenas and venues for large sporting events that include professional and minor league sports
  • Certain airlines and airports
  • Casinos and gaming halls
  • Strip clubs and adult entertainment facilities
  • Funeral homes
  • Places of worship, including churches
  • Movie theaters
  • Student housing
  • Hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts

Which Businesses Are Not Required to Implement Health Passes?

These types of businesses are not typically required to request a health pass or proof of vaccinations from patrons:

  • Restaurants and fast-food establishments that do not have table seating
  • Grocery and liquor stores
  • Public transportation, including buses
  • Pharmacies
  • Certain retail settings, including malls and shops
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Alcohol and drug addiction support groups
  • Certain public spaces, including university campuses

angry emoji What Should Business Owners Do if Patrons Express Discontent with Health Passes?

In some instances, many private businesses and staff have been subject to harassment and abuse from patrons refusing to disclose their vaccination status. Business owners can request that patrons leave the premises and deny service to those unwilling to provide proof of vaccination.

What Can Business Owners Do to Manage Ongoing Harassment Due to Health Passes?

Many private business owners have been successful in protecting both people and property by hiring physical security guards and implementing access control systems. Physical security guards can manage unpleasant interactions between your staff and patrons while helping to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.

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