Traveling to Brazil Remains Dangerous: Ensure the Safety of Corporate Travelers

Dec 01,2022

Travel management solutions and protective driver services from AFIMAC work to ensure safe travel to Brazil.

Traveling to Brazil Remains Highly Dangerous Post Election

Safe Travel to Brazil for Corporate Entities

Traveling to Brazil continues to be a complex feat even after the country’s most contentious presidential election has come to an end. Business travel to Brazil should be approached with caution as political unrest has proven to be unpredictable and ongoing. There continues to be a dire need for travel management solutions in Brazil, including protective drivers, secure transportation, and close protection agents to ensure the safe movements of your workforce.

Truthfully Brazil’s political landscape remains complicated after the conclusion of a tight election that saw left-wing Lula Da Silva win by incredibly slim margins. The close results reveal the political division across the country. Many right-wing supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro turned to political violence, spirited protests, and demonstrations that have shaken the country to its core. 

Explore safe travel solutions on behalf of AFIMAC and fulfill your duty of care obligations to your workforce when travel to Brazil is required.

Travel to Brazil: The Dangers of Political Protest

Bolsonaro’s supporters have been incredibly vocal throughout the election, and upon his defeat, blocked many major highways in protest. While the election is over, traveling to Brazil remains highly dangerous for North Americans who are required to visit for work. Political demonstrations can begin without warning and put travelers at risk. These demonstrations can quickly turn violent, forcing travelers to rearrange their travel arrangements or risk of serious injury from violent assault.

Is It Safe for Corporate Travelers to Visit Brazil?

Without the proper precautions, traveling to Brazil is unsafe. Business and corporate travelers heading to Brazil for work require extensive security precautions, including full-service travel management solutions and protective drivers.

Safe Travel to Brazil and the Risks Associated with Political Unrest

As many right-wing protestors gather to protest Brazil’s election results, the risks of traveling to Brazil are even more complex. Know the risks before traveling and ensure your workforce remains safe and secure.

The Top Travel Risks Facing Business Travelers Visiting Brazil

Manage the risks and ensure that, as an employer, you fulfill your duty of care obligations for providing a safe workplace anywhere in the world. These are the top risks for businesses sending their employees to Brazil:

  • Significant blockades are restricting travel by car across the country’s major cities, including access to major highways – expect travel delays
  • Large-scale political protests in Rio de Janeiro at the country’s military headquarters 
    • Political demonstrations have been known to be heated where left and right-wing supporters clash
  • Flash protests in many smaller towns, including Salvador, Recife, Proto Alegre, Curitiba, Campinas, and others 
    • Small-scale protests can complicate business travel arrangements forcing visitors to rebook flights, find alternative accommodations, or leave the country on short notice
  • Political protests often block access to major transit hubs, including airports 
    • Corporate travelers unfamiliar with the area may find themselves in dangerous predicaments should they travel on their own 
    • Without protective drivers to assist with such situations, business travelers are ultimately vulnerable to theft, fraud, and violent assault

Safe Travel to Brazil Alongside AFIMAC

Mitigate the risks that come with traveling to Brazil and ensure your corporate travelers remain safe and secure despite ongoing political protests occurring post-election throughout Brazil. Political unrest can complicate your workforce’s transportation arrangements and even put your staff in harm’s way. 

AFIMAC is unique in that it maintains extensive resources across the world, including Brazil, helping North American corporate travelers conduct business without any concerns. Explore a number of protective driver and close protection services for executives traveling to Brazil for work.

Should your business require resources to visit Brazil or any other exotic part of the world for the sake of business, ensure your entire workforce is protected from risks, including political unrest and war. Travel to Brazil with AFIMAC by your side with full-service safe travel solutions for corporate travelers. Contact Jim Rovers via email at to learn more.

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