Travel Security Solutions For Safe Travel To Mexico

Oct 26,2022

Travel Security solutions from AFIMAC can help travelers visiting Mexico manage the risks of violent assault, muggings, and so much more.

Travel Security Shows Grand Importance

Travel security becomes tremendously valuable as an American tourist learns the hard way about the dangers of traveling to Mexico. Dustan Jackson was enjoying an all-inclusive vacation with his wife when a simple cab ride put his life in jeopardy. After requesting to be taken to a store to pick up chewing tobacco, Dustan was mugged, beaten up, attacked with a machete, and left for dead in a ditch.

Dustan barely walked away from the incident with life-changing injuries. He made it home with the help of a local police officer who brought him to the airport. After sharing his story with multiple news agencies, he highlights the ongoing need for travel security solutions for corporate and leisure travelers.

Travel Security Beyond Leisure Travelers

Travel security has for years gained a reputation for ensuring the safety of corporate travelers. However, such services are also suitable for leisure travelers, especially as instances of crime in Mexico continue to soar. Dustan’s story can happen to anyone, as his incident occurred only a short distance away from the Cancun airport. Many North Americans, including corporate and leisure travelers, use the Cancun airport as a travel hub into Mexico, with common travel scams just one wrong cab ride away.

The best travel security companies can address the risks of visiting places like Mexico and ensure your safety even if you or your staff experience violent assaults or theft.

Travel Security and Duty of Care for Corporate Travelers 

Corporate travel security grows increasingly complex when your staff is required to travel to Mexico for work. In the wake of increased crime rates and travel scams targeted at Americans and Canadians, fulfilling your business’s duty of care obligations requires much more than simple travel insurance. AFIMAC offers a number of corporate travel management solutions that monitor the movements of entire fleets of staff and help manage the risks of traveling to places like Mexico. Even the most comprehensive travel insurance policy fails to address the very real risks of travel, leaving both corporate and leisure travelers on their own to manage travel mishaps.

Travel Security Solutions Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC maintains resources across the globe in order to provide travelers peace of mind when traveling to Mexico. We partner with several travel assistance providers, global GPS tracking services, and security services to ensure that you or your staff can visit Mexico without complications. Explore a number of travel management products, including protective security drivers, travel tracking, and emergency transportation offerings that ensure safe movements and address the risks of travel.Travel the world knowing that a global security company is on your side, ready and willing to act in your best interests should you experience any travel mishap. For any business, government entity, or individual concerned about the risks of traveling to Mexico, contact Jim Rovers of AFIMAC directly by emailing to learn more about available security solutions. Alternatively, fill out the form below and have an AFIMAC representative reach out to you. 

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