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Jan 06,2023

Sinaloa Safe Travel Compromised After Eruption of Gang Violence

Sinaloa Safe Travel Calls For Extensive Executive Protection 

Sinaloa safe travel has taken a turn for the worse after gang and gun violence continued to cause havoc across the Mexican state’s airports and major highways. The government of Canada has implemented travel policies advising residents to remain sheltered in place as gang violence raged throughout the city of Colucán, specifically targeting the city’s airports. Travel to Mexico and travel to Sinaloa has become a dangerous venture for corporate entities, executives, and foreign politicians heading to Mexico in 2023. 

AFIMAC strongly recommends new and existing clients to consider exploring executive protection, secure transportation, and safe travel planning that can properly address the risks of visiting Mexico’s western coast for work. AFIMAC can conduct ongoing threat risk assessments and ensure the safe movements of entire teams of staff throughout the country. Further, as a specialized security company serving North American business travelers and executives, AFIMAC continues to monitor the actions of local cartel members, capable of predicting dangerous protests and adjusting your travel arrangements before they pose a risk to your safety.

Sinaloa Safe Travel Likely Impossible During Cartel Violence

The violence has been reported to be in response to the recent arrest of cartel drug leader, Ovidio Guzman, the son of the infamous “El Chapo.” Affiliated gang members targeted the city of Colucán airport, which was forced to close amid threats to both corporate and commercial airlines. Early reports show vehicles set ablaze by gang members around the city’s local airport, and even shocking footage of a commercial AeroMexico plane being fired upon during its landing.

The cities of Culiacán, Mazatlán, Los Mochis, and Guasave have been reported to be especially dangerous, with locals being advised to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings and other political demonstrations. Affiliated cartel members have also constructed a number of blockades with burned vehicles in an attempt to strike fear and intimidate local police while creating significant risks to the community. Gang members continue to clash with Mexican police forces, forcing many major roadways to close, with other businesses and schools being forced to close. 

The violence is timed to coincide with a recent summit among North American leaders, summoning the likes of President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau who are set to meet in Mexico City this January. The politics between major world leaders remain complex, and violence continues to spread throughout Mexico, including its capital Mexico City.

Sinaloa Safe Travel Solutions From AFIMAC

North American Politicians and corporate travelers who must travel to Mexico for work are faced with extensive hurdles when visiting Mexico. The western coast of Mexico continues to prove to be especially dangerous, and basic security preparations are likely not to manage the risks of visiting such destinations.

Addressing the unpredictable nature and threat risks of visiting destinations like Mexico City and the state of Sinaloa must be conducted alongside a qualified security company that can arrange for safe travel arrangements that include close protection bodyguards, executive protection specialists, protective drivers, and extensive safe travel planning.

AFIMAC maintains extensive resources throughout the country of Mexico and is highly capable of addressing the security risks facing business and corporate travelers heading to Mexico. Airlines and airports in Mexico can even leverage the resources of AFIMAC to ensure the safety of their clients amid ongoing violence throughout the state.

Fulfill your duty of care obligations as an employer and ensure your staff and political party can manage the risks of travel to Mexico and conduct business without complication.

UPDATE: Culiacan Airport continues to be closed until further notice. Major Mexican airlines have suspended their flights to Culiacan (Aeromexico, Volaris & Viva Aerobus).  

This is the first time in Mexico that Cartels have attacked a commercial plane as part of their protest for the arrest of one of their leaders. There is a clear change in the strategy followed by Lopez Obrador´s government towards the fight against drug cartels in Mexico, and a break in what could be considered an informal pact to allow them to operate and continue expanding and consolidating their criminal operations in Mexico and abroad. 

AFIMAC’s recommendation as of now is to defer all travel to Sinaloa, including the cities of Culiacan, Mazatlan, and Los Mochis.

For any corporate entity concerned about safe travel to Mexico, reach out to AFIMAC directly by emailing Maria Septien Learn more about how AFIMAC can guide you through the complexities of travel to Mexico in 2023 and ensure you can conduct business without complication.

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