Security Services Keep the Peace During Complex Labor Disruptions

January 10, 2022

strike Security Services Speak to Unpleasant Instances of Harassment and Violence

Security services are an essential part of any labor disruption in North America. Businesses experiencing strikes, lockouts, or even COVID-19 outbreaks must lean on temporary labor to mitigate the negative impacts that come from a difficult labor disruption. Currently, many workforces are revising their needs, looking to address inflation, and pushing for more from their employers to make ends meet during these difficult times.

Should you employ a unionized workforce or are expecting any sort of labor disruption, your preparations can mitigate losses and ensure the safety of both people and property. Security services of all kinds, including close protection, bodyguards, physical security guards, and protective drivers, can help keep you and your loved ones safe during a difficult labor disruption.

Find answers to common security service questions and employ strike security at a time when businesses need it most and help protect what matters most to you and your business.

temporary workers Security Services and Crossing the Picket Line: How to Protect Temporary Workers

The ongoing labor crisis in North America comes with many layers of complications. In some industries, a difficult strike could be nothing short of certainty heading into 2022. Union leaders are likely taking a close look at the new deals fellow unions have made with their employer, planning a potential walk-off or strike in the near future. Workforces in the automotive, grocery, and manufacturing industries are likely looking to pressure their employers into offering better deals in the new year, threatening businesses with legal strike action and picketing.

Temporary labor services play an important role during these times, helping to manage demand and ensure productivity during a strike. Crossing the picket line during a contentious strike poses unique security risks for business leaders and the temporary workers that are hired. Temporary laborers entering a job site could be faced with verbal and physical harassment from striking workers or be targeted off the job site as well. Protective drivers and secure buses can help ensure temporary workforces reach the job site safely, while senior leadership focuses on ongoing labor negotiations.

Should you be considering replacing your workforce with temporary laborers, security services will play a crucial role in ensuring that they can cross a picket line without any additional security concerns, protecting all parties involved.

manager paperwork Why Should Employers Hire Strike Security Services During a Labor Disruption?

Security services can also document picket line interactions which can help to keep strikers responsible for their actions and reduce some of the unpleasant impacts of a strike. Oftentimes tempers are running high at the picket line, and strikers could vandalize vehicles or existing property at your job site. In other more challenging situations, striking workers may use more intimidating tactics, including pelting cars with rocks, threatening violence against those crossing picket lines, or creating problematic obstructions that can bring your supply chain to a halt.

Some efforts of striking workforces fall under legal uncertainty. Without proper documentation, picket lines can become dangerous places for workers entering the job site and the picketers themselves. Employees maintain the legal right to assemble and protest, but well-trained security services can manage conflict and ensure all those involved during a strike play by the rules.

Are Strike Security Services Specially Trained?

Strike security forces employed by specialized third parties take great lengths to ensure the safety of the temporary personnel that have been deployed. Specially trained security services are able to de-escalate confrontations between striking workers, temporary laborers, and the general public. A difficult strike comes with complex liability issues, and a picket line without proper security can lead to personal injuries, damaged property, and potential violence.

conference room Learn More About Labor Disruption and Security Services Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is the global leader in strike security, offering image-conscious clients strike services that can secure property and maintain peace during a problematic strike. Temporary workers and security guards provided by AFIMAC address every element of a challenging strike, including negotiating with a union. From access control, temporary workers, executive protection, security drivers, and union negotiations, AFIMAC has addressed countless strikes for many Fortune 500 companies in North America. Address every element of a difficult worker strike with comprehensive and full-service strike solutions for industries of all kinds.

Find solutions to the challenges your business faces, including worker strikes, absenteeism, labor shortages, and union negotiations. Contact us directly to learn more about services tailored specifically to your needs.
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