Security Services Are as Important as Ever as Occurrences of Labor Strikes Soar

November 22, 2021

security Security Services and Executive Protection Play Important Role for Business Leaders

Labor turmoil across North America is leaving many business owners navigating complex union negotiations, picket lines, and in some cases, threats against their wellbeing. These are difficult times for many North Americans, both workers and executives. Security services play an integral role as unions continue to clash with their employers and sometimes one another.

Security companies, corporate security services, and executive protection have stepped up to ensure the safety of both business owners and striking workers. Picket lines can be dangerous places where emotions run high, and in some cases, create negative interactions with business owners, fellow strikers, and the general public.

Consider whether you are prepared for a difficult strike or union negotiation, and plan ahead by finding answers to common questions many business leaders are asking.

security Security Services: Six Need to Know Answers for the Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions from business owners that are expecting a strike or are currently in the midst of one:

1) What Types of Incidents Can Happen During a Strike?

Striking workers might clash with business owners, temporary workers, or vendors entering the job site. Frustrations can run high when picket lines intentionally delay the movement of goods and services or argue directly with strikers. In some instances, difficult strikes can turn violent, see acts of vandalism, or result in vehicle and pedestrian collisions.

2) Can Employees Be Fired for Striking?

Workers represented by a union have the legal right to strike action and cannot be fired for striking. Workers on strike can be terminated for inciting acts of violence, harming company property, or causing harm to the general public.

3) Can Striking Workers Be Replaced?

Yes. Workforces can be replaced by temporary workers, but should the striking end, those who were on strike have the right to return to their previous roles within the company.

4) Do Executives Need Security During a Strike?

Yes. Complex labor negotiations have an unfortunate impact on the business leaders and executives negotiating with a union. In some cases, executives experience threats to their livelihood or family and are subject to verbal and physical harassment while crossing a picket line. Many executives benefit from a security detail that includes highly-trained security drivers, close executive protection, and 24/7 surveillance services for home and company property.

5) Are Strikes Legal?

The legalities of a strike may differ between jurisdictions. If striking workers are demonstrating or picketing to improve the conditions of their employment, that is their right to do so. Should a strike be directed at an individual or for another reason, it is typically considered unlawful.

6) What is the Difference Between a Strike and a Lockout?

Strikes occur on behalf of a workforce to persuade their employer to agree to new demands being made on behalf of the union. An employer can use a lockout to pressure a union or workers to conform to new employment conditions. Both instances often include picketing.

security Security Services and Executive Protection Offered by AFIMAC Global Strike Security Leaders

Strikes, labor negotiations, security services, and executive protection are complicated matters that often require the assistance of a third party to mitigate risk and resolve issues between unions and employers. When a workforce strikes, know that you aren’t alone during these difficult times as AFIMAC maintains a directory of experienced professionals who can navigate the complexities of strikes while helping resume production.

AFIMAC continues to be recognized as the industry leader in temporary work solutions and security services for corporations across multiple industries. AFIMAC can address complications related to strikes, labor negotiations, walk-offs, or absenteeism among your workforce and offer peace of mind during difficult times. AFIMAC maintains a directory of highly skilled laborers that can address long-term strikes or shortages and can assist with any complicated labor dispute negotiations as they arise.

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