Security Drivers for Executives Increasingly Important in Latin America

September 13, 2021

Security Drivers Security Drivers for Executives Address Complex Threats While Traveling South America

The mining and precious metals industry continues to be in flux, butting heads with local communities, politicians, and sometimes local police. Executives of mining companies are often tasked with overseeing production, which entails visiting job sites in potentially dangerous and remote locations. Unfortunately, executives face unique threats that are not common for the everyday person during travel. Thus, security drivers for executives play an important role in ensuring their safety while traveling to international and remote work destinations.

In certain cases, executives might require a full security detail specialized in surveillance detection that can identify threats and address them before they occur. Many third-party security providers can plan entire travel itineraries, select safe routes and alternatives, and implement unpredictable schedules that ensure safety during visits to job sites.

What Are Security Drivers for Executives?

Security drivers are highly-trained individuals who work in concert or alongside a security detail. They are trained to protect high-asset individuals or executives and quickly respond to driving risks, including political unrest, threats of violence, and sudden route changes.

Mine Why Do Mining Executives Require Security Drivers?

Mining precious metals have become volatile in recent years as the value of copper has risen tremendously. When executives visit mining sites in places like Brazil, Peru, and Chile, they face an increased risk of experiencing political unrest from locals, such as dangerous protests and picketing at mining sites.

South America has over 13,000 mines across the continent with precious metals that include copper, gold, and silver. Many executives from major mining corporations maintain complex security detail that allows them to safely inspect job sites and mitigate potential risks they might experience along the way.

Where Do Executives Require Security Drivers?

Places in the world where executive protection and security drivers are recommended include:

  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Venezuela
  • Brazil
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Tanzania
  • China
  • Russia

Security Drivers Security Drivers for Executives Provided by AFIMAC

Security drivers and executive protection can address complicated risks that everyday people simply don’t experience while traveling abroad. C-level executives and their families regularly experience threats of violence, intimidation efforts, and harassment.

AFIMAC maintains a suite of executive protection services that can address complex threats, plan out travel itineraries, and offer security details, including security drivers for executives. Ensure safe travel with international security services that provide highly-trained professionals who can quickly respond to emergencies and changes in travel itineraries instantly. Offerings are tailored to each client and can address many of the complications that come with working within precious metals, gasoline, oil, and other natural resource industries.

Ensure that you come home safely to your family with security detail and drivers provided by the travel risk management professionals of AFIMAC.
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