Safe Travel to Brazil: Solutions from AFIMAC

Jan 09,2023

Safe Travel to Brazil: What North American Corporate Travelers Need to Know

Safe Travel to Brazil: Considerations for Corporate Travelers

Travel safely to Brazil alongside a specialized security company, such as AFIMAC, to manage the risks of recent political turmoil occurring throughout the country. Supporters of recently ousted president Jair Bolsonaro took it upon themselves to occupy a number of political buildings, including the country’s official congress building, the Brazilian Supreme Court, and the president’s residence. The recent uprising and “storming” of political buildings by extreme right-wing supporters resulted in hundreds of arrests, creating an uncertain and potentially violent situation that continues to unravel. Fueled by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s recent political win, the ongoing turmoil has caused several security concerns for local Brazilians and North American corporate travelers alike. 

For the corporate entities, travel managers and employees required to travel to Brazil in 2023 should exercise extreme caution. Without the proper precautions, employers face the risk of their staff becoming injured or wrongfully detained. 

Safe Travel to Brazil: Is Brazil Safe for Corporate Travel?

Currently, there are several risks associated with corporate travel to Brazil in 2023: 

  • Political unrest has created a volatile situation that North American corporate travelers could get caught up in. Instances of organized protests, insurrection, and heated political demonstrations create a security risk for anyone in the country and could result in injury or wrongful detention.
  • Hospitalization due to interactions with political demonstrators is entirely possible, as heated exchanges between travelers and protestors have the potential to turn violent. Hospitalization in Brazil is a complicated matter in itself, as quality of care standards tend not to be the same as in places like Canada and the United States.
  • The political landscape is largely unpredictable, and travel arrangements in Brazil can be compromised in a matter of minutes. Organized protests can limit the movements of corporate travelers, restrict access to major airports, close down entire highways, and force travelers to seek out alternative arrangements on short notice.
  • Aside from the recent political challenges Brazil is facing, North American travelers visiting the country for work are vulnerable to petty crime, including pickpocketing, and in especially extreme cases, kidnapping for ransom. Journalists and media personnel face increased risks from protestors and local law enforcement when visiting Brazil.

Safe Travel to Brazil: Precautions to Take in 2023

The risks of political violence and other travel complications span the entire country, including major cities, small towns, and even remote work sites. Employers must maintain their moral and legal duty of care obligations to their staff and provide a safe work environment, even if the work requires employees to travel to Brazil. Should an employer require their workforce to visit potentially dangerous places like Brazil, the risks must be managed appropriately.

North American employers, including media conglomerates, can lean on AFIMAC to provide preemptive travel safety planning that includes secure transportation, executive protection, and travel threat risk assessments for anywhere in the world. AFIMAC maintains extensive resources in Latin America, capable of providing security resources, including close protection bodyguards, specialized protective drivers, and so much more.

When political unrest upends your workforce’s travel arrangements, AFIMAC can help your staff pivot in an instant. Navigate sudden road closures, avoid emerging political demonstrations, and ensure the safe movements of your staff anywhere in Brazil.

For any corporate entity or employer concerned about safe travel to Brazil, including flying into Rio de Janeiro, reach out to AFIMAC directly by emailing Maria Septien at Learn more about how AFIMAC can guide you and your team through the complexities of traveling to Brazil in 2023 and ensure your workforce can conduct business without complication.

Ensure your staff remains safe and secure during ongoing political turmoil in Brazil alongside AFIMAC. Contact us today.

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