Safe Travel To Brazil: Solutions For Corporate Travelers From North America

Nov 08,2022

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Safe Travel To Brazil Likely Compromised Due To Political Unrest

Is It Safe To Travel to Brazil From USA?

Safe travel to Brazil might be next to impossible for corporate travelers looking to visit the country for the purpose of business. Travel to Brazil from USA is likely to require travel security specialists who can ensure safe corporate travel to Brazil as the country experiences some of its most violent presidential elections in history. The presidential race between candidates Bolsonaro and Lula has sowed division across the country, as many political supporters clash and partake in violence. Travel Brazil at your own risk but learn about the many threats facing North American corporate travelers before the unthinkable happens.

Safe Travel To Brazil: Top Threats Every Corporate Traveler Should Know

Read on to learn more about the top threats facing North American travelers heading to Brazil for the purpose of work. Know the risks and prepare accordingly to ensure the safe movements of your workforce anywhere in the world.

Political Demonstrations

Business travelers heading to Brazil are likely to experience political demonstrations that can block access to key destinations or force them to explore alternative routes. Spirited demonstrations in Brazil have gained a reputation for turning violent, and getting caught up in such an event could risk your safety. While many people are eager to embrace business travel to Brazil post-covid, now the risks to your health and safety are in the form of political unrest.

Political protests have the tendency to break out with limited warning, forcing travelers to shelter in place or quickly avoid a dangerous area. Especially contentious protests can also result in instances of wrongful detention and result in acts of violence on behalf of local police, risking the safety of corporate travelers.

Risks To Safe Transportation

With the difficult state of Brazilian politics, even simple transportation by car comes with incredible risks. Local taxis and cabs are not equipped to help you avoid political demonstrations that can happen in an instant, potentially putting your safety at risk. Secure transportation for corporate travel to Brazil is one of the best solutions for corporate entities looking to protect their traveling workforces. A well-equipped security company can provide secure transportation services paired with highly trained drivers that can navigate you through difficult protests and mitigate the risks of travel to Brazil.

Ensure the safety of corporate travelers heading to remote, rural, or metropolitan parts of Brazil for the sake of work with protective driver services. Executives who travel for work often stick out in public places, attracting unwanted attention that can be disasters during these times. Secure transportation and protective drivers are trained to address the challenges facing North American corporate travelers, 

Safe Travel To Brazil and The Risks of Corporate Events

An international corporate get-together usually comes with few risks, but with the current state of politics in Brazil, these areas can quickly become impacted by political violence. Political unrest can put executives in dangerous positions as violence breaks out between locals and police forces. Close protection and secure driver services from international security companies can manage the risks that come with travel to Brazil, even if it appears as a harmless networking event.

Risks To Facilities and Accommodations

As the situation in Brazil continues to evolve, there is a potential for violent political demonstrations and widespread looting. Should the presidential election take a turn for the worse, even the accommodations in which corporate travelers are staying at could be put in harm’s way. At these times only the most robust corporate security companies can perform emergency transportation and evacuation. 

Safe Travel To Brazil With AFIMAC

Mitigate the risks that come from travel to Brazil, and ensure your corporate travelers remain safe and secure despite ongoing political protests. AFIMAC is unique in that it maintains extensive resources across the world, including Brazil, helping North American corporate travelers conduct business without any trouble. Explore a number of protective driver and close protection services that are full-service solutions for executives traveling to Brazil.

AFIMAC maintains resources not just in Brazil, but across the world. Should your business require staff to visit Brazil or other exotic parts of the world for the sake of business, ensure your entire workforce is protected from risks including political unrest, war, or any other complication.

Travel Brazil knowing that AFIMAC is by your side, contact Jim Rovers today by emailing to learn more.

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