Protection Services – What You Should Consider In 2020

February 28, 2020

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in incidents involving aggressive and sometimes violent behaviour. Activists have become more destructive and often ignore old norms and the rules of law. Mental health is also playing a large role in the increase in threats. Many human resources and security professionals believe law enforcement will respond as needed, but police are unable to respond to all but the most serious incidents. This often leaves organizations having to fend for themselves.

Many businesses find themselves in situations where a terminated employee has not only taken to social media to badmouth the company but also returned to the workplace to confront a manager.

AFIMAC’s protection division has seen an annual growth of 30% over the past two years as a result of these threats.

The following are key points you need to consider:

  1. Have a plan. Responding without one will often lead to mistakes.
  2. Ensure your response plan is well resourced. What do we have? What else might we need?
  3. Monitor social media and online activities of individuals and groups. Intelligence is critical.
  4. Build a process to identify risks as well as an escalation process. We often experience situations where the situation is downplayed.

These threats may not just come from your employees. Customers, vendors, activists, as well as members of the public, can all represent threats. Last week, teenagers violently attacked some RBC employees. Activists stormed farms and meat processing plants. Climate change groups disrupted major transportation and energy projects.

Over the next year, I will be posting content related to:

  • High-Risk Terminations – Before, during and post-termination considerations
  • Corporate Meetings and Events – Activists may be targeting your brand
  • Activists Tactics and Response Planning – What to expect as civil disobedience grows
  • Threat Risk Assessments – Why are they important
  • Training – Are your staff prepared to handle a confrontation or aggressors
  • Intelligence Gathering – Do you know what threats you might face
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