More Hospitals Begin to Increase Access Control and Security Measures

March 15, 2021

stethoscope Healthcare Industry Sees Increasing Need for Private and Physical Security Guards

2021 gives plenty of reason for optimism and hope. But just because 2020 is over doesn’t mean that the pandemic is. Case numbers remain high across the world, and the impacts of the vaccine could take months. Even with a vaccine being delivered to front-line workers in early January, the pandemic rages on. The demand for physical and private security guards is expected to rise alongside case numbers.

The concept of achieving herd immunity with a vaccine, which is when a large majority of the population is immune to the virus, might not be achievable until the late summer of 2021. Healthcare facilities (and long-term care homes) will have to continue their efforts to stop the spread of the virus, control access to their facilities, and protect their staff and property.

Access Control and Private Security Paramount to Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities should expect to have an increased need to control the access into their buildings to ensure that health protocols are adhered to. This includes proper hand sanitizing, correct usage of face masks, and the enforcement of required quarantines and self-isolations. The careful matter of managing the access of a building is best executed alongside the expertise of third-party advisors who can pinpoint weaknesses and address them as efficiently as possible. Specialized security training is required for guards stationed in healthcare facilities and is best completed with a third party’s guidance.

Carefully planning and executing an access control system is complicated, especially with institutions that have multiple entry and exit points. Specialized security guards are trained on how to interact with those entering and exiting a facility and can professionally enforce required public health measures. Screening those entering the building will ensure that staff are protected and prevent any further outbreaks of the virus. A solid access control system can enforce complicated screening measures, take temperature readings, inquire about recent travel, and prevent likely COVID cases from entering a facility.

hospital Complex Security Issues Rise Amongst Hospitals Across North America

Hospitals, universities, healthcare facilities, and long-term care homes have been a hot spot for complicated altercations with the public well before 2020 began. In the new year, these difficulties are expected to rise as lockdowns strain society’s mental health, and people start to lash out at public health professionals. In 2021, expect that the need for hospital security will grow and be more complex in its nature.

Further, small towns have seen an alarming rise in protests and political demonstrations that have targeted public officials and healthcare institutions; these events have occasionally included violence and property damage.

Problematic ideologies have been perpetuated by social media, giving many conspiracy theorists the ability to gather among like-minded individuals and organize flash protests. Anti-vaxxers and those contesting facemasks and lockdown policies have already clashed with security and enforcement officers at private facilities and will likely emerge again in 2021.

Security Industry to Collaborate Further with Healthcare Facilities

“We continue to see an increasing trend in the demand for physical and private security in 2021,” said Joe Schollaert, President of AFIMAC.

“The complexities of the pandemic have resulted in many public and private entities leaning on the experience of AFIMAC to find comprehensive solutions to their access control and security-related needs.”

security Schollaert mentioned that physical security has been working alongside healthcare facilities and public officials throughout 2020 and expects the relationship to continue until the pandemic has come to a complete end.

“Our team remains committed to protecting both people and property in the new year, and we remain actively stationed across North America monitoring and implementing access control systems while protecting public institutions of all kinds.”

Lean on the Experience of AFIMAC for Physical and Private Security Needs

AFIMAC specializes in protecting people and property with a wide range of comprehensive physical and private security services. Properly securing a healthcare facility takes ongoing planning, rigorous assessments, and a continued physical presence ready at a moment’s notice. AFIMAC has successfully guided multiple Fortune-500 clients and hospitals through crises such as COVID-19 and related political unrest.

Trust the professionals of AFIMAC to provide an exhaustive approach to physical security. Contact us directly to learn more.
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