Laying Off Workers? Explore Security Services for Employers

Dec 02,2022

Layoffs and high-risk terminations create several security concerns that can be mitigated by AFIMAC.

Layoff Season is Here, and Tech is the First Domino

Layoff Services for Employers

Layoffs across North America have begun, and the social media giant Meta is one of the first to start the process. The company formerly known as Facebook conducted one of its most significant layoffs in company history by letting go close to 15% of its global workforce. As the economy slowly slips into a recession, many other sectors are expected to follow suit, including manufacturing, tech, automotive, energy, hospitality, and many more.

For employers who are faced with the fact that they have no other choice but to lay off their workforce, there are a number of risks and consequences that must be addressed sooner than later. While laying off staff is never pleasant; it is often an unfortunate cost of doing business in 2022. Many employers should prepare for the possibility of violence and other security concerns before their layoffs begin. 

Layoffs, Plant Closures, and Insurance Fraud

Businesses that are forced to close down entire plants or job sites must plan for security incidents well in advance. AFIMAC specializes in plant closure planning and security services that can ensure the safety of all parties involved with a major layoff. These services can be in the form of physical security guards, access control systems, and security audits that can ensure the safety of remaining employees. 

Further, AFIMAC maintains several products for employers, including surveillance and insurance investigation services, specifically in regard to suspicious disability claims. Many employers will see a rise in disability claims when layoffs are expected, and some workers who believe they are about to be terminated may indulge in a wide range of insurance fraud. 

Layoffs, Security Concerns, and Other Consequences 

While the decision to lay off a workforce isn’t personal, many employees take the news poorly. High-risk terminations are becoming increasingly common across North America, and some employees may lash out. In extreme cases, some employees may turn to violence or harassment, creating security issues both during and after the termination. Disgruntled staff may utter threats and harass managers and executives at their homes or during business travel.

Truthfully, the consequences of high-risk terminations often go beyond the workplace, as some employees may return to the job site at a later time to partake in violence. Many executives experience in-person and online threats, creating a need for security services around the clock. Many security companies, such as AFIMAC, can provide protective agents that can work to ensure the safety of executives and their families at the workplace and their homes. In other cases, disgruntled employees will vent their frustrations on social media platforms, even organizing flash protests and picketing their former job site. AFIMAC maintains some of the most innovative social listening tools to help predict backlashes from former employees and help executives plan accordingly.

Layoff Services Provided by AFIMAC

For any employer considering laying off their workforce or expecting high-risk terminations, AFIMAC can manage the risks and work by your side to prevent security incidents from turning violent. Explore a suite of products that include close protection agents, protective drivers, and physical security presences on and off the job site before a layoff begins. AFIMAC can help you plan for the unfortunate consequences of a mass layoff and work to protect people and property.

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