Is Peru Safe to Travel To For Business?

Dec 21,2022

Is Peru Safe to Travel To Amidst Recent Political Turmoil?

Is Peru Safe? Learn More From The Corporate Travel Specialists of AFIMAC

Is Peru safe to travel to? For the business travelers wondering if the ongoing political unrest in the country poses risk to their corporate travel plans, things have taken a turn for the worse. Many corporate travelers should be exploring business travel management solutions from a travel management company that can ensure their safety as the country dips into further turmoil.

While Peru’s former president made efforts to re-write the country’s constitution, disassemble congress, and sow division among the public, the country has become a growing risk for those visiting for the sake of business. North American corporate travelers heading to Peru should use extreme caution as the country’s former president Pedro Castillo’s recent impeachment has prompted even further civil unrest that can result in a range of unpleasant consequences for those visiting for work.

Safe Travel To Peru: Solutions For Traveling Workforces

Peru has, unfortunately, had a long history of political corruption that has flowed into the streets of the country’s many rural and metropolitan areas. Peru’s rich mining industry has many North American corporate travelers visiting, but also heading to remote parts of the country. Spontaneous protests, political demonstrations, and terrorist acts have become increasingly common across the country not just in cities, but also in small towns. These risks have serious potential to disrupt travel plans and could prompt events of violent assault or even kidnapping for ransom against corporate travelers.

Fulfilling your duty of care obligations to provide a safe workplace for all employees, including those who travel internationally, should be conducted alongside a specialized business travel management company that can ensure the safe movements of staff and protect them from any risks. Should your business fail to make efforts to address such risks, the company could experience complex liability issues in the event the unthinkable happens to one of your workers.

Business Travel Management Solutions For Visiting Peru

“We’re encouraging all corporate travelers to exercise extreme caution when visiting Peru in the immediate future,” says Maria Septien, AFIMAC Global’s Managing Director o Operations in Latin America. “The nature of the political landscape in Peru is quickly becoming more volatile, creating significant risks for both citizens and business travelers.”

AFIMAC continues to monitor the situation that is unfolding in Peru whole offering  a number of solutions for those who conduct business within the country.

“AFIMAC has positioned resources to address such risks and we are ready to work alongside our corporate clients to ensure their safe movements across the country.” Septein addds. “Many corporate travelers will require additional protective measures to ensure the safety of themselves, and any assets within the country.”

AFIMAC: A Travel Management Company For Corporate Travel to Peru

AFIMAC maintains global resources in Latin America helping any corporate client move throughout the country without disruption. Protective drivers, close protection agents, and ongoing travel management can ensure that your workforce completes their tasks without any complications along the way.

As a business travel management company, AFIMAC offers a wide range of security resources that can be dispatched to work directly with your staff and mitigate the risks of corporate travel to Peru.

Further, AFIMAC can provide a physical security presence directly within your workplace to protect both people and property located in Peru. Ensure that your corporate assets and workplaces are protected from civil unrest, terrorist strikes, and political demonstrations with full-service solutions from AFIMAC.

Contact Maria Septien directly by emailing and explore a number of available services that can fulfill your duty of care obligations and ensure safe travel to Peru.

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