COVID-19 Has Proven That Physical Security is Integral to Everyday Business

November 23, 2020

Physical Security Has Never Been More Important

COVID-19 has managed to show an ugly side of the world. The stresses of the pandemic, compounded by political unrest and financial hardships, have caused many to turn to crime, including theft, looting, and vandalism. Businesses need to stay prepared for anything, plan for the worst, and invest in a comprehensive and in-depth security approach.

Female security officer wearing n95 breathing mask outside Physical Security and the Phenomenon of Panic Buying

Many major grocery chains were caught off-guard by the sudden rush of panic buying. Major retailers saw massive line ups during the spring months of 2020, with shoppers stocking up on paper towels, food, and toilet paper. In fact, Statistics Canada reported that grocery sales soared over 38% compared to the previous year, with the demand for items like rice and pasta more than doubling. For reference, these types of increased demands are usually only seen during Black Friday holiday shopping.

With rolling lockdowns and unpredictable restrictions being implemented across the world, the need for physical security has seen incredible peaks and valleys. Businesses must be continually prepared with physical security efforts to accommodate such surges in demand. A continued investment in security will help maintain order and assist your stores in managing the waves of the pandemic.

Physical Security to Protect Property

Unfortunately, many businesses have had to send their employees home or cease operations entirely, leaving stores, warehouses, and office spaces empty and vulnerable to petty crime or vandalism. Regardless of the property, owners and managers still need to protect their assets with a physical security presence.

Hand in a blue rubber glove holding COVID-19 temperature screening gun Physical Security to Limit Access Control

Many institutions, like healthcare facilities and universities, must now change their approach to physical security. The need to continuously prevent the spread of the virus has complicated everything from doors, keypads, and elevators and requires careful planning to keep the public and staff safe.

Healthcare facilities, in particular, require access control to their property, managing the flow of foot traffic through the building. While touchless technology can help keep people safe, a continued human presence on your property can ensure security protocols are maintained.

Universities have undoubtedly required additional physical security to enforce social distancing efforts and encourage students to wear face masks.

Physical Security to Manage Political Unrest

Political demonstrations are highly unpredictable and have the potential to turn ugly, as we have witnessed this year. Property damage claims soared as countless storefront businesses were vulnerable and fell victim to looting and vandalism. Having a physical presence can help protect your assets and property.

Security guard wearing fluorescent yellow security vest Physical Security Services Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC specializes in protecting both people and property with a wide range of comprehensive security services. Properly securing an enterprise corporation takes ongoing planning, continuous assessments, and a physical presence that is ready at a moment’s notice. AFIMAC has successfully guided multiple Fortune-500 clients through crises such as COVID-19 and related political unrest.

Trust the professionals of AFIMAC to provide a comprehensive security approach.
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