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Jan 04,2023

Active Shooter Prevention in the Wake of Vaughan’s Mass Shooting

Active Shooter Prevention for Condo Corporations

Active shooter prevention is likely now a hot topic discussed among condo corporations and property managers after a recent mass murder spree in Vaughan, Ontario. As a gunman targeted members of his condo board in a shooting spree that killed five and seriously injured one person, many are wondering if the corporation that represents the building could have done more to prevent such a tragedy. Active shooter response and planning is an often-overlooked element of condo security, as many private security teams require extensive planning, training, and risk assessment to prevent active shooters.

As families mourn the loss of their loved ones, condo corporations and property managers should be taking a close look at how they respond to threats and manage active shooter incidents, questioning whether more could have been done. Condo complexes and apartments must look beyond traditional security measures and plan for the worst-case scenario. 

Active Shooter Prevention and Warning Signs

The unfortunate truth is that the active shooter incident in Vaughan had a number of warning signs. The shooter had filed several lawsuits against the condo board and had a history of issuing violent threats. He was in the process of being evicted by the condo corporation and scheduled to appear in court in the coming days. The corporation representing the building had even filed a restraining order for previous issues of abuse, harassment, and intimidation. The gunman took to social media to vent his frustration with the condo board just hours before the shooting began.

The nature of gun violence in North America is highly complex, but there are warning signs that are unfortunately missed. When these signs are overlooked, the resulting chaos will be closely examined for years. At times, the corporate entities that failed to see these signs and take measures to prevent a possible active shooter situation could be found accountable, ultimately paying a small fortune in legal costs.

Active Shooter Prevention and Legal Challenges

Such a violent incident should have corporations and property managers rethinking their approach to active shooter planning and response. Gun violence across Canada has increased in the workplace and education settings. Corporations could face complex liability issues if it were found that they were negligent or did not address these risks appropriately. 

Condo corporations and apartment complexes should be aware of the warning signs of an active shooter and train their security staff to recognize these signs and respond to them properly. Active shooter training can ultimately save lives should it be conducted with a specialized third party who can spot risks before they turn into tragedy.

Active Shooter Prevention: Solutions for Condos and Property Managers

AFIMAC is the global leader in active shooter planning and preparations. We work alongside many Fortune 500 companies and education systems to curb workplace and school gun violence. With several training modules available, AFIMAC can train your staff on the best practices during these types of incidents and how they should respond

Further, AFIMAC can identify risks and consult your business on how to best address them to protect your staff and residents. Conduct risk assessments, implement access control, and train your staff to properly protect residential buildings and spot flaws in your security measures. AFIMAC can also carefully document your risk management efforts in preventing such issues.

Explore private security, risk management, and incident response services that can be tailored to the needs of any private condo corporation. We work directly alongside corporate entities to navigate the legal challenges associated with active shooters and help you to prevent them in the future. 

Contact Jim Rovers of AFIMAC at to learn more about available active shooter solutions for your business or property.

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