Public Harassment and Security Solutions Available To Canadian Politicians

September 16,2022

Terminating employees is never pleasant, but instead an unfortunate reality in a declining economy. Lean on AFIMAC to prepare for some of the negative consequences that come from a high-risk termination with security services that address the risks involved. Public Harassment: Security for Canadian Politicians, Elected Officials and Senior Public Sector Employees

Public harassment and related security incidents have become commonplace for Canadian politicians, elected officials and senior public sector employees working across the country. While many politicians and government representatives are familiar with minor security issues, they are still, for the most part, able to conduct business as usual. But more recently, political harassment has increased and become more aggressive, presenting risks that require immediate attention, including security, bodyguards, and close protection services.

Many government entities across Canada should be considering protection for their represented officials before these issues become much more complex.

Public Harassment of Politicians, Elected Officials and Senior Public Sector Employees Across Canada

Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Marco Mendicino, recently told reporters about a security incident in Alberta that occurred when Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, was publicly harassed while entering an elevator. Harassment against women in politics has been a troubling and increasing trend in recent years, which isn’t exclusive to in-person incidents.

Many people of color and women in Canadian politics have reported instances of online threats and intimidation, which have grown in severity over time. This comes after a rising trend in civil disobedience and political demonstrations across many rural towns throughout Canada. Ottawa has been subject to routine displays of political protest, with intimidation at its core rather than constructive political discourse.

How Can Politicianss, Elected Officials and Senior Public Sector Employees Defend Against Public Harassment?

Many security companies offer executive protection services that ensure the safe movements of politicians. Executive protection encompasses so much more than a physical security guard. A team of security professionals actively works to address threats before they become a security risk.

When executive protection services are paired with secure transportation, politicians can safely navigate through political demonstrations and picket lines without disruption. Many specialized drivers can carefully plan routes to avoid risks and adjust plans to avoid confrontation and ensure a politician's safety.

How Can Canadian Politicians, Elected Officials and Senior Public Sector Employees Prevent Public Harassment?

The best way to prevent instances of public harassment is through intelligence gathering. Security companies can actively gather intelligence through online forums and social media platforms, working to predict these instances before they happen. Civil disobedience has become remarkably organized, and many cases of harassment are premeditated, with some groups tracking the whereabouts of specific politicians.

AFIMAC Works to Address Public Harassment of Canadian Politicians, Elected Officials and Senior Public Sector Employees

Security companies in Canada, such as AFIMAC, have been actively monitoring online chatter of individuals who pose risks to Canadian politicians. Truthfully, those who are orchestrating these dangerous views are often very vocal online, leaving behind important breadcrumbs that can help Canadian politicians mitigate security risks. AFIMAC monitors social platforms with online intelligence gathering and threat monitoring tools that can provide important information to security teams.

Politicians, elected officials and senior public sector employees can deter and avoid conflict entirely, plan routes that are free from confrontation, and conduct business without the risk of harassment or violence. Enlist the services of AFIMAC, the global leaders in comprehensive executive protection services who have worked alongside endless Fortune 500 executives who face regular and unpredictable threats and harassment. AFIMAC can actively work to ensure the safety of both you and your family and provide full-service offerings that address any possible security risk while on the road or at the office. Security services can be offered a la carte or retained, with security protection drivers and close protection agents that can provide peace of mind.

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