AFIMAC’s Maria Teresa Septien Selected as Vice-Chair of the ASIS Foundation in 2021

September 18, 2020

Selling Confidence Across Latin America

We are exceptionally proud to announce that AFIMAC’s Managing Director of Latin America, Maria Teresa Septien, has been selected as the new Vice-Chair of ASIS Foundation for 2021.

The ASIS Foundation is a conglomerate of global security professionals who give back to the industry with numerous grants and scholarships strengthen the international security community. Governed by an international board of volunteers from within the industry, the foundation receives donations from various councils, chapters, and organizations worldwide to achieve its goals.

With over 15 trustees on the board from different countries, Septien will sit alongside several prominent figures and offer grants and scholarships to various prospects worldwide. Septien is set to be Vice-Chair for 2021, and Chair from 2022 to 2023. She will also have a seat for two years in the ASIS International Global Board of Directors, further bolstering her volunteer experience.

“I’m in shock,” said Septien. “I am excited about the opportunity, as I know I will learn a lot in this role, and it will allow me to continue interacting with a very diverse and experienced multinational group of security experts.”

“Thank you for all the support I have received from AFIMAC.”

Another Step Forward For AFIMAC

Having worked in the risk management and security field for 25 years, Maria Teresa Septien has successfully brought AFIMAC to the forefront of the Latin American industry as AFIMAC’s Managing Director of Latin America.

Just five years ago, Septien was tasked with taking AFIMAC to the next level in the corporate security space. Leveraging her experience, deep local ties, and reputation, Maria has seen success leading AFIMAC into the Latin American market.

“Security isn't just about guards, and it isn’t just about having CCTV setups or alarm systems,” she said. “This is a strategic business function in which you add value to the corporation by avoiding losses and having a sound strategy in line with key business objectives.”

“AFIMAC offers high-level strategic business services, and in this world, you need experts to be able to provide that kind of strategy,” she added.

“We are the specialists that understand the environments and complex risks large multinational corporations face, along with the many challenges when operating in foreign countries.”

She remains extremely passionate about building and implementing risk management solutions tailored to the needs of multinational corporations. Maria identifies and executes security strategies that speak directly to the business challenges that Latin American organizations face.

Extending the Reach of AFIMAC Across Latin America

Septien has been responsible for the complete management of strategic and operational marketing, including maintaining and developing new client relationships that AFIMAC holds across Latin America. When she was first hired more than five years ago, she was tasked with making AFIMAC one of the top players in the Latin American market and turning the AFIMAC brand into a competitive presence across the continent.

Today, AFIMAC is a highly trusted name within the Latin American space, serving many multinational corporations and high profile clients with sound risk management and security services.

“I have been able to bring a lot of connections to AFIMAC through my 25 years of volunteer and networking relationships in the industry.”

“In just five years, with the support of AFIMAC’s team members, we are now regularly invited to numerous RFPs from multinational corporations, competing side by side with the top international and local security companies.”

“AFIMAC has given me the opportunity to succeed,” she added.

Developing Ties to the Latin American Community

Her deep involvement in the local community has paid dividends for AFIMAC, helping the company reach far and wide across Latin America while developing connections between the company and clients.

She maintains relationships with multiple chambers of commerce, local universities, and mentorship programs while holding several prominent volunteer positions through ASIS International - the industry's largest global security professional association.

Regularly requested to speak at universities and industry conferences, Septien stands as a prominent female voice within the security industry. She holds a position within the ASIS International Women in Security Community for Latin America and is actively helping shape police and security forces in Mexico through a new mentorship initiative.

“I have always thought that being professional and well prepared is something that is not related to your gender,” Septien said. “Being a woman in this industry, you have to be ready to take on any challenge.”

“It has not always been easy,” she added. “Many times, especially in Latin America, clients might expect a managing director to be a man. But I think being a woman has opened many doors because it shows and sells confidence.”

“Sometimes, that confidence is easier to obtain when you are a woman.”
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