AFIMAC Website Expands Service Offerings with the Launch of New Website

July 7, 2020

Expect an Improved User Experience and Continued Service Excellence

AFIMAC is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website created to serve our clients better and expand our service offerings. This new website allows us to offer the exceptional service that has been expected from us for the last 34 years and create long-lasting partnerships to help preserve your business continuity during any emergency.

As an essential service, AFIMAC continues to grow while offering world-class products and solutions to image-conscious clients.

Mitigate and Manage Risks of All Kind

AFIMAC continues to offer clients full-service response for disasters, emergencies, and work stoppages to industries of all kinds. We have had the privilege of working alongside many Fortune 500 companies throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, and this website will allow us to detail our continued value to companies experiencing any threat against their business.

For more than 30 years, AFIMAC has taken great pride in protecting both people and property with our risk management and business continuity services. With the launch of this new website, new and existing clients can view information about all our services at a glance or dive deeper and learn more about the specific offerings. Our security services remain best in class and are ready to mobilize in an instant.

Further, new clients will also be able to quickly connect with our service team to help you receive the right services in the timeliest manner possible. Our contact forms allow you to reach out to us and receive detailed information on the costs and delivery of our services as quickly as possible.

Ensure Quality and Accountability with AFIMAC

AFIMAC's new website also outlines our corporate intelligence and investigations expanded service offerings. Threats against a company can become complicated, learn how you can investigate benefit claims, complete background checks on employees, and manage the potential for digital fraud all under the brand of AFIMAC.

New and existing clients can also learn about the many partnerships AFIMAC maintains in the corporate travel sector. Fulfill your duty of care obligations for your employees and take advantage of the global alliances of AFIMAC with travel risk management and corporate travel solutions. CAP™ Travel Assistance Plans are an invaluable tool integrated within the offerings of AFIMAC to help your employers manage global travel mishaps in an instant. Give your employees on-demand access to experienced travel consultants that can arrange emergency transportation or air ambulance services in the event of a qualifying travel mishap.

Build Your Future with AFIMAC

With the growing number of threats that exist against our corporate clients, AFIMAC continues to evolve to serve you better. Be prepared for absolutely anything, and maintain your operations through the most challenging times.

We are excited about what this website can offer our new and existing clients.

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