AFIMAC Expands In Emergency Management Space With Veteran Hire Of William J. Smith

September 26,2022

AFIMAC’s Global Reach Continues to Expand

AFIMAC is pleased to announce the hiring of veteran emergency management and business continuity specialist William J. Smith.

As a veteran executive leader for over 24 years, Smith cut his teeth in the United States Army National Guard for over 15 years as a military police officer before heading into private space that has included universities, government entities, and airlines.

His career highlights include acting as the State Emergency Operations Center Manager for The Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and the Regional Director of Emergency Management and Continuity for Indiana University. He brings extensive experience at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of operational planning and execution, but also a deep understanding of the risks that face the modern corporation.

Smith is in a unique position to communicate the many risks facing government entities and private corporations, ultimately helping to mitigate risks that include natural disasters, infectious disease response planning, and active shooter preparations for workplaces. Smith stands as an important addition to the AFIMAC team and is set to further support AFIMAC's efforts within the natural disaster and incident response space,

Expanding AFIMAC’s Service Offerings to Public and Private Clients

“We are exceptionally pleased to have Bill on the AFIMAC team,” said Joe Schollaert, CEO of AFIMAC.

“We’re confident that with Bill’s unique skill set, AFIMAC will be able to offer far-reaching business continuity services and natural disaster planning to both new and prospective clients across North America.”

“Welcome aboard,” Schollaert added.


AFIMAC has provided emergency response and corporate security services across the globe for more than 35 years. By helping image-conscious companies protect people and property, AFIMAC has grown to meet the demands of businesses facing serious threats, natural disasters, and security concerns of all kinds.

AFIMAC has continued to grow and provide full-service corporate security and emergency response solutions for non-governmental organizations, private businesses, and government agencies across the world.

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