Workplace Threat Assessments Push Back Against Workplace Violence

Oct 04,2022

Workplace threat assessments are one of the many tools available to business leaders looking
to mitigate the risks of conducting business in 2022. Workplace violence has proven to be a
growing cause for concern for businesses of all sizes as labor turmoil and high-risk terminations
have resulted in high tensions between employers and workforces.

Whether you are faced with terminating a workforce or are experiencing a difficult strike, as an
employer, you bear the responsibility to mitigate risks and protect your staff. During these
difficult times, employers should expect complications regarding their workplace safety, as the
potential of active shooter incidents and workplace violence is becoming all too common across
North America. Workplace threat assessments help address your duty of care obligations and
ensure that people and property are protected during mass layoffs, strikes, and labor turmoil.

The Harsh Reality of Workplace Violence in North America

Every employer is required to take action to identify hazards in their workplace and control the
risks. These requirements also spill over into the human resource side of your business, as
labor turmoil and layoffs could pose significant risks to your business. Workplace violence
continues to rear its head in many different forms but has historically been tied to instances of
termination. Some employees may return to the job site several weeks after with the intent of
causing harm to others or partaking in gun violence.

In addition to the potential physical damage that an active shooter or violent incident may cause,
it also has endless financial consequences. A serious incident can reduce the productivity of
your workforce, harm their morale, hurt your company’s reputation, and potentially see your
employees leave due to their lack of confidence in your workplace safety efforts.

How to Handle Workplace Violence

Proper workplace threat assessments are just one of the many ways an employer can prevent
instances of violence in the workplace and proactively prevent them. Workplace threat
assessments often require extensive research and documentation on behalf of the employer,
with adjustments over time depending on the level of risks your workplace faces. Should your
business be found negligent regarding protecting staff, the employer could face complex liability
and litigation.

There are, unfortunately, a number of warning signs of workplace violence, along with
preventative measures that can stop the violence before it occurs. Ongoing workplace threat
assessments can help spot issues in your workforce, identify potentially dangerous employees,
and help predict workplace violence before someone is harmed.

When corporations face inevitable layoffs or are looking to terminate potentially dangerous staff,
physical security presences and access control systems can help secure your workplace.
Specialized monitoring services can also listen to chatter online to predict imminent threats. In
addition, close executive protection services can protect senior staff during some of the most
complex strikes and threats.

Workplace Violence and Free Threat Assessments from AFIMAC

AFIMAC is pleased to offer businesses across North America a free workplace threat
assessment tool that can help any employer begin to secure their job site and prevent
workplace violence. Conducting a workplace threat assessment is just the first step in protecting
your business from complex liability issues while proactively addressing these risks. AFIMAC
has worked closely alongside a number of Fortune 500 companies faced with extensive layoffs
and terminations.

Workplace gun violence in North America has become increasingly common, and it is your duty
to act before you or your staff are harmed. Email Jim Rovers directly at
for your free workplace threat assessment tool and begin identifying risks before they grow into
much more complex threats.

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