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January 10, 2022

office building Workplace Investigation Services: Common Questions Answered for Business Owners

Workplace investigation services are an important part of any business, helping manage the unfortunate issues that can arise when employing a large workforce. Fraud in the workplace has increased with the wake of COVID-19 as many companies continue their recovery efforts into the new year and bounce back from supply chain disruptions and other challenges.

Shockingly, close to 75% of low-wage workers have admitted to stealing from their employer, whether it be minor instances of office essentials or, much worse, such as elaborate schemes that are discovered years after they have occurred. Business owners should know that workplace fraud can result in a loss of up to 5% of revenue per year, taking money out of your pocket that could be put to much better use. Taking a hard stance on workplace fraud can promote a culture of honesty within your workforce, reduce losses, and secure a healthy bottom line for years to come.

Here is what you need to know regarding workplace fraud investigations in North America.

Workplace Investigation Services: Common Questions Answered for Business Owners

These are the answers to the most common questions related to workplace fraud, tailored to business owners in North America.

fraud What is Workplace Fraud?

Workplace fraud is often considered any secretive or dishonest act within the workplace that is intentionally concealed by those who take part in it. It is wide-ranging in its nature and can occur in varying degrees, with some acts being harmless while others cost businesses a significant amount of money.

What Are the Different Types of Workplace Fraud?

Workplace fraud exists in many forms and includes:

  • Theft of physical cash
  • Theft of company assets or asset misappropriation
  • Fraudulent billing
  • Worker’s compensation fraud
  • Time theft
  • Fraudulent benefits claims
  • Intellectual theft
  • Payroll fraud

atm machine Which Industries Experience the Most Workplace Fraud?

Workplace fraud is especially prevalent in the banking and financial sectors and in mining, government, energy, real estate, manufacturing, and healthcare.

How Can an Employer Prove that Workplace Fraud Has Occurred?

Specialized workplace investigations can reveal instances of fraud and provide conclusive evidence that proves either an individual or multiple employees were involved. HR managers or other business leaders are not able to investigate fraud in their own workforce. Investigations conducted internally can create a conflict of interest, unable to withstand the challenges from potential litigation.

Business owners should always rely on the specialized services of third parties that are experienced in investigating workplace fraud. A proper workplace investigation must be fair and unbiased so that business decisions cannot be legally challenged.

glasses at computer What Do Workplace Investigations Services Include?

Workplace investigations offer a completely unbiased set of facts in such a manner that withstands the scrutiny of both courts and insurance companies. Licensed investigators typically use a five-step process to understand the concerns and determine with hard evidence whether fraud within the workplace has occurred.

Typically, investigators will perform a thorough yet discrete investigation and provide complete documentation to senior leadership to aid them in making appropriate business decisions.

North American Workplace Investigation Services Conducted by AFIMAC

AFIMAC offers a wide range of corporate investigation services that can reveal instances of fraud and help keep your financial losses to a minimum. AFIMAC has played an integral role in investigating workplace fraud for numerous Fortune 500 companies and can provide your business with unbiased and comprehensive documentation and investigation services.

Perform your due diligence and take a hard stance on corporate fraud to create a workplace culture focused on productivity, pride, and honesty. Leave no stone unturned with the remarkably thorough investigation services that can help executives make informed decisions regarding their workforce. Fill out the form below to learn more and begin the process today.
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