The Fundamentals of an Undercover Workplace Investigation

November 24, 2020

Typing on Computer Gather the Facts and Make Informed Decisions with Undercover Workplace Investigations

The range of threats that challenge large corporations continues to grow both internally and externally. Companies are frequently vulnerable to burglary and theft, which are usually crimes of opportunity. However, employees can be responsible for losses, which can range from small instances of theft from another individual or more complicated and organized efforts that include multiple staff members.

Internal theft has proven time and again to be incredibly hard to prevent, and a quiet, undercover investigation can put an immediate end to such behaviour. When management believes that internal staff might be to blame for product losses or disruptions in a supply chain, it might be time to conduct an undercover investigation to prevent further losses and protect future assets.

Put an End to the Many Forms of Internal Theft and Fraud

An internal investigation is a highly effective solution for preventing loss and stamping out workplace fraud. It allows a company to gather facts, make well-informed decisions, and pinpoint employees who are stealing, damaging property, or generally misleading employers.

Workplace Investigations When is the Right Time to Conduct an Undercover Investigation?

An internal investigation should be conducted if a company has hard evidence of fraud, loss, or other unwanted behaviour. This could include complaints of harassment, evidence of workplace drug abuse, obvious theft of product, or the loss of corporate leads and internal documents. Information will be gathered and documented from start to finish, protecting the company and forming a defense should the company face legal challenges down the line.

The Basics of an Undercover Investigation

Undercover investigators do not make key decisions regarding the investigation but instead offer up an unbiased collection of facts from a third party. This means that corporations are best to hire outside agencies to prevent any conflict of interest throughout the process, which can be incredibly valuable if the corporation faces legal action as a result of the investigation or if any of their employees face criminal charges.

Empty Conference Room Lean on the Experience of AFIMAC for Undercover Workplace Investigations

Specialized investigators are experienced in gathering court-admissible evidence that can help protect a company and save millions of dollars. When traditional investigations do not yield the desired results, undercover efforts are a quiet and discreet way of putting an end to elaborate ploys against a company. Once concluded, they are often effective in resetting a workplace culture and instilling new values that will help a company move on from the incident.

AFIMAC's investigative strategies can help companies set policies and practices that ensure staff is held accountable, profits are retained, and losses are kept to a minimum. AFIMAC employs only experienced and licensed investigators with unique expertise and the specific skills needed to perform diverse assignments in challenging circumstances.

Trust the experience of AFIMAC and gather evidence in an unbiased manner that withstands the scrutiny of both courts and insurance companies. Contact us directly to learn more about our available services.
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