Protective Measures During COVID-19 Layoffs

July 2, 2020

Addressing Surveillance and Security Needs During Mass COVID-19 Layoffs

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on many businesses that make up our economy. The Canadian government has made great efforts to reduce layoffs and business closures with wage subsidies and rent relief. However, the harsh reality is that much of these funds are quickly drying up, and workers are being laid off.

An Increased Need for Protective Agents During COVID-19 Layoffs

AFIMAC has seen an increase in requests for guidance on navigating high-risk terminations as a result of COVID-19. The hospitality and tourism industries have been hit particularly hard during this pandemic, with large portions of workforces having to be laid off via a single announcement.

This means that AFIMAC has seen the need for protective agents rise in order to protect frontline managers, executives, and HR professionals in instances where large groups of employees are informed of layoffs all at once. Protective measures must be in place during these difficult times, especially for the HR staff, as they are the ones that take the brunt of negative feedback from staff while they discuss severance, pension plans, and the continuation of benefits with former employees.

AFIMAC has also received an increase in requests for residential security for executives and frontline managers, along with secure transportation and protective services.

Losing a job is never pleasant, but losing a good job in an industry where there is little hope of a quick recovery adds additional pressure and stress. The potential for employees to act out, become violent or abusive is high, furthering the need for the protective services of AFIMAC.

COVID-19 Virtual Layoffs and Digital Surveillance

COVID-19 lockdowns have left many employees feeling vulnerable and stressed, potentially amplifying existing bad behaviors, and taking a toll on their mental health, especially if they are laid off. As a result, AFIMAC has also been tasked with post-termination online surveillance.

Unruly employees could potentially present a threat by visiting their old workplace or a manager’s home in a moment of anger. These situations often show early warning signs via social media, and an increased security presence at a manager’s home has proven to be beneficial during these difficult times.

AFIMAC has successfully addressed clients’ surveillance needs to find out where an ex-employee might be going, what threats they pose to others, and how they are processing their termination. Our social media investigations can act as an early warning system to successfully identify former employees that might be troubled and address problems before they arise.

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AFIMAC has over 30 years of experience, helping clients navigate the challenges of mass layoffs. During these difficult times, AFIMAC can provide full-service protective services to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. Don’t put your employees at risk during mass COVID-19 layoffs; visit our website to learn more.

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