Live Events May Require Proof of Vaccination - How to Enforce it in 2021

March 29, 2021

face masks What Will Concerts and Live Events Look Like in a Post-Pandemic World?

By the fall of 2021, venues and event spaces that have survived the pandemic will look very different from what we experienced in the past.

Music and concert halls will be prepping for a busy season once the pandemic subsides. Hosting live events will be a complicated endeavor, and depending on the jurisdiction it could require proof of vaccination or rapid testing for COVID. For those wishing to hold live events in late 2021, the challenges will be huge, and concert promoters will be responsible for keeping their guests safe while providing an enjoyable experience.

Socially Distanced Events Not the “True” Live Experience

The live event industry has taken a massive hit, with COVID-19 restricting small or large gatherings. They have attempted to adapt with online virtual events, including digital meet-and-greets with performers and fans. Others organized outdoor drive-in gigs and requested fans remain seated throughout the performance.

Some venues even considered holding socially distanced gigs with markers on the ground to ensure patrons kept a safe distance from one another. Of course, many people scoffed at the idea of being “distanced” at a concert, as the true experience would mean a packed venue without any social distancing.

Now, venues have started looking at implementing mandatory testing and security clearances that would allow for the full return of the “true” concert experience while ensuring everyone involved remains safe and healthy.

Audience at Concert Expect a Surge of Interest in Live Events at the End of 2021

Promoters are expecting a huge surge of interest in live events once lockdowns end and herd immunity is achieved. Many event spaces are already taking bookings but will be challenged by local by-laws that limit large gatherings or dictate how an individual can attend a live event in a post-pandemic world.

Just because herd immunity is achieved doesn’t mean that COVID-19 has disappeared off the face of the earth. Large events like festivals are vulnerable to COVID issues, as the virus’s long-term impacts are still largely unknown. There is a potential that people who are vaccinated could spread the virus to others.

Considering that there will be a sub-section of the population that refuses to get vaccinated, live events could result in COVID outbreaks and long-term complications. Safety will have to be at the forefront of every promoter’s mind. There will be many public health guidelines and government-implemented hoops to jump through to hold a successful concert.

Many venues expect that patrons will need to show proof of vaccination to ensure everyone’s safety at the event. Of course, that is challenging for many promoters, as they will need to think on their feet and set up a system that ensures concerts and gatherings adhere to the potentially strict rules.

Proof of Vaccination at Live Events and Concerts

The expectation in 2021 is that concertgoers will need to show proof of vaccination in the form of a smartphone app or official documentation before entering a venue. This concept has been brewing in the travel industry for a while and will likely be adopted.

For those who host large concerts, this could be a significant access control problem and a complicated hurdle to overcome to keep their patrons safe. Physical security will play a substantial role, and procedures will need to be in place to ensure the safety of visitors, along with security, venue staff, and performers. PPE (personal protective equipment) and face masks will still be in demand throughout 2021, and event promoters will likely need to lean on third parties to ensure that they can hold a COVID-free event.

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