Hurricane Season Could Hit Southern States Hard This Fall

August 25, 2020

Hurricane Season Presents Even More Economic Challenges

America’s southern states should be preparing for a busy hurricane season. As many businesses are in the midst of reopening and adapting to 2020’s ‘new normal’, a hurricane this fall only adds another layer of complexity to maintaining business operations and achieving long-term viability.

Companies in states like Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Carolinas must plan for the worst-case scenario as 2020’s hurricane season is forecasted to be very busy.

AFIMAC continues to be the first choice for many Fortune 500 companies to provide full-service response and services during hurricane season. This includes planning for and responding to weather emergencies and disasters of all kinds.

Responsible Planning for Hurricane Season

When a natural disaster strikes a company or government entity, all facets of its business capabilities are affected. Even with days of warning of a pending hurricane, a disaster’s impact can strike fear, displace workers from their homes, and halt a business’s operations.

A comprehensive disaster management plan from AFIMAC can successfully mitigate a company’s losses and limit potential downtime should a hurricane occur. AFMIAC’s disaster specialists can develop a detailed emergency management plan to help prepare a company meet its immediate personnel and operational needs.

Employers have the moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe work environment should a disaster occur. AFIMAC’s planning and consulting services can help an employer of any size maintain their operations, plan for shelters and food services, and provide security services post-disaster.

AFIMAC can also develop and solidify partnerships with local law enforcement and emergency personnel in your local area.

Hurricane Season’s Complications With COVID-19

Following a disaster, many employees must continue to work in compromised facilities. Corporations are often faced with the decision to provide safe housing services for their employees’ families so the company can continue ‘worry-free’ resumption of services despite a disaster occurring. Our basecamp services can speak to the needs of companies looking to maintain operations while respecting social distancing and public health requirements.

AFIMAC continues to provide exceptional services, even amid COVID-19. Response plans can be adjusted to accommodate social distancing requirements and help address the challenges of gathering mass personnel for a response to an approaching hurricane.

AFIMAC maintains a best-in-class response to both COVID-19 and the potential challenges associated with hurricane season. Further, AFIMAC can provide facilities to help staff quarantine safely and self-isolate if required, along with experienced crisis response teams compiled of current and retired law enforcement officers.

Prepare for Anything During Hurricane Season With AFIMAC

A natural disaster like a hurricane can have a devastating impact on a business’s operations and employees. Companies have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment while fulfilling their contractual obligations during a hurricane. AFIMAC has extensive experience planning for and responding to disasters of all types.

Mitigate risk and prepare for the worst with AFIMAC’s natural disaster emergency response and management services.

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