Anti-Vaccine Protests are to be Expected in Rural Parts of North America

March 22, 2021

vaccine Vaccine Protests Expected in 2021

The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine has sparked a wide range of emotions from politicians, healthcare workers, and the general public. While it is a reason to feel optimistic, there is a small cohort of individuals who believe that the vaccine can cause harm to the people and mutate their DNA.

Anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and misinformation campaigns continue to complicate the pandemic, putting at risk many government officials and front-line workers who have dedicated their lives to serving the public and helping to put an end to the pandemic. 2020 was a down year, but full recovery and normalcy will have some bumps along the way.

Government agencies and healthcare facilities are expected targets of political protest from those who are against the vaccination efforts. How an organization or institution prepares for such protests and demonstrations will be imperative in protecting those fighting against the pandemic.

protest Anti-Maskers Continue Demonstrations

Anti-mask protests have been commonplace in both large cities and small towns across North America. With social media fueling speculation and misinformation, and mental health and isolation issues associated with extended lockdowns, people have banded together and organized anti-mask protests.

City halls, healthcare facilities, politicians’ homes, and even public spaces have been targeted by these protesters. Most recently, anti-mask protestors emerged in Vancouver at a public art gallery. The demonstration was in the form of a New Year's Eve party, endangering a province that has made great strides in managing the outbreak.

Public gathering spaces, including prominent parks, historical buildings, and art installations, are potential targets for such protests in major cities and quiet towns that typically never experience such events. Government agencies will likely require the assistance of third-party agencies to protect their staff, property, and the general public.

Vaccine Protests a Great Cause for Concern for Many Leaders

The rollout of the vaccine will most certainly draw political reactions, both online and in-person. Social media can breed increased negativity from audiences that already have an issue with face masks, potentially leading to demonstration efforts against government vaccinations. The entire COVID-19 vaccine supply chain is at risk of vandalism and sabotage. Institutions of all kinds will require extensive protection and security efforts to ensure that rollouts are delivered and administered in a timely manner.

Institutions are not only vulnerable to the public but also their internal workforce. A California health network experienced a widespread demonstration from their staff when front-line workers were second in line to administration to receive the vaccination. 2021 could see similar events as front-line workers bear the full brunt of the pandemic.

research Predict and Respond to Anti-Mask Protests with Social Listening Tools From AFIMAC

How an institution or corporation prepares for such protests can help ensure that 2021 continues on the path of recovery. Plan for any type of uncertainty in the new year and take measures to protect what matters most to you.

Those looking to protect both business and property should look to lean on the experience of security agencies specially trained in these types of protests. Physical security guards, access control systems, and protective drivers provided by AFIMAC are just some of the many tools government officials, and corporate leaders can use to protect their staff and public property during a protest.

AFIMAC provides social listening and investigative tools to predict the rise of a political protest and help you respond accordingly. We offer full-service solutions to political unrest and spirited protests. AFIMAC can ensure that your people and property remain protected during these kinds of demonstrations.

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