Active Shooters; A Concern for Many Businesses and Institutions

December 6, 2021

gun and bullets Active Shooter Incidents May Be on the Rise Across North America; Plan Accordingly

Active shooters are an unfortunate reality during these difficult times. High-risk terminations, strikes, pandemic fatigue, and general political unrest are causing many to act out and creating a real concern. Many North Americans are under tremendous strain, both personally and financially, and the unfortunate result could be violence either at home or at the job site.

Schools, hospitals, and workplaces should consider planning a course of action for active shooter scenarios. Training your staff to respond to such challenges could potentially save lives.

Five Questions Every Business Owner Asks About Active Shooters

See the answers to the top five questions about active shooter responses.

Should You Pull the Fire Alarm During an Active Shooter Situation?

Getting to safety then calling 911 should be your priority during an active shooter scenario. Pulling a fire alarm may cause more panic when others should be hiding.

exit sign Should You Attempt to Run to Safety During an Active Shooter Incident?

A safe, quick, and efficient evacuation is the most desired outcome during an active shooter situation, but only if it is safe to do so. If an active shooter is close to you, a hiding place without windows, such as a closet or freezer, is your best option.

Only if it is safe to do so should you attempt to run or escape from an active shooter. Gauge the situation carefully and if you are unsure, find a place to hide.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Gunfire and Fireworks?

Fireworks typically have “pop” sounds that vary in intensity but sound similar to gunfire. The noise from gunfire is consistent, with each “pop” being the exact same volume.

What Should You Do When Law Enforcement Arrives?

Stay calm and raise your hands with your palms facing the officer and then follow their direction.

helping hands Should You Help Others During an Active Shooter?

Yes. The most important thing you can do during these situations is to discourage others from getting any closer to the shooter. Inform people that it is unsafe to enter the building and communicate with law enforcement when the time is right.

Know the Signs of an Active Shooter: Top 8 Warning Signs

There are a number of warning signs that could help identify a potential active shooter. The top 8 most common are:

  • A sudden drop in personal hygiene
  • Extreme anti-social behavior
  • Sudden surges in general paranoia
  • Persistent and unrelenting anger
  • Controlling behavior
  • The individual makes others feel uncomfortable
  • Remarks or thoughts about violence
  • Plays the victim in work and social situations

building Address the Risk of Active Shooters with AFIMAC

Active shooter incidents at the workplace can happen quickly, and one of the best ways to prevent such issues is to enlist the experts of AFIMAC.

In taxing times where employers are laying off workers, dealing with contentious strikes, or having to cross picket lines, anything can happen. Lean on the experience of AFIMAC, a global leader in executive protection and security services that can offer planning, training, and response for active shooter situations. We partner with small, medium, and large public and private sectors to prepare them for these types of events and can help mitigate the risks that come with workplace violence.

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