Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona - A Reminder of the Impacts of Climate Change

September 29,2022

Crisis Management for Natural Disasters Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona Disaster Assistance for Governments and More

Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona are wreaking havoc throughout North America, acting as a painful reminder of the dangers of climate change. Hurricane Fiona has proven to be a multi-million-dollar disaster as the storm has challenged critical infrastructure and forced thousands out of their homes. Hurricane Ian is expected to be just as powerful, and government entities should be preparing now to protect the people in Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville. Disaster assistance is a highly important element that every major government should be taking seriously to recover from damages and prepare for what is expected to come next. Explore a number of disaster assistance Fiona services and disaster assistance Ian offerings provided by AFIMAC.

During these incredibly difficult times, AFIMAC is well suited to help government organizations prepare for Ian and help address the damages from Fiona. Resources can be dispatched quickly and available throughout North America on short notice. AFIMAC can support towns and cities and their governmental systems with base camp operations, food preparations, logistical support, security services, transportation, bunking and shower trailers, and kitchen-laundry trailers. Disaster assistance for Ian and Fiona is just an email or phone call away.

Disaster Assistance – Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is posed to grow in strength before it makes landfall in Florida, where local governor Ron DeSantis has warned the entire state that they should be preparing for a "major disaster." Government entities in Florida should brace for the inevitable impact by contacting AFIMAC directly. Resources can be dispatched in a matter of hours, helping to prepare and address damages from Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian in Tampa

Unfortunately, Tampa is directly in the path of Hurricane Ian, which can challenge critical infrastructure and cause widespread flooding and significant damage to commercial and residential property. Contact AFIMAC today for a long list of services that can help government agencies prepare for and address damages from Hurricane Fiona.

Hurricane Ian in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is expected to experience significant effects from hurricane Ian, including flooding and damage to property due to strong winds. Contact AFIMAC directly, who can provide disaster assistance resources.

Hurricane Ian in Miami

While southeastern Florida is now in the direct path of Ian, many risks still present themselves in other areas. Hurricanes can change directions in a matter of hours, and the city of Miami is encouraged to explore resources that can protect people and property and address the risks that come from Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian in Jacksonville

Jacksonville and north Florida are expected to experience the effects of Ian in the coming days. Government entities should be aware of the risks, including widespread flooding, wind damage, and the chances of critical infrastructure failing. Contact AFIMAC directly to learn about available services to government and private entities.

Disaster Assistance Fiona

The Atlantic provinces of Canada have experienced widespread damages due to Fiona. The true costs of Hurricane Fiona have not been fully reported, but clean-up is expected to last several weeks. AFIMAC can offer base camp services to government agencies requiring assistance for Fiona’s aftermath. Explore offerings that include food preparation services, logistical support, security services, transportation, bunking and shower trailers, and kitchen-laundry trailers. Contact us today to learn more.

Hurricane Fiona and Disaster Assistance in Newfoundland and Labrador

Damages in Newfoundland and Labrador have been significant, taking out what is estimated to be over 100 homes. Fiona has challenged critical infrastructure throughout the province, leaving governments scrambling to ensure the safety of their communities and address damages. AFIMAC can assist the communities of Newfoundland and Labrador, even remote communities that are having difficulties sourcing resources and disaster assistance. Contact AFIMAC now and explore a number of resources that can mitigate the damages caused by Fiona.

Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona - Disaster Assistance from AFIMAC

Government entities are not alone during these difficult times as AFIMAC maintains endless resources that can support instances of natural disasters, including hurricanes and mass flooding. Contact us directly, day or night, by emailing now.

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