Addressing Gun Violence in America with Active Shooter Preparations

July 13,2022

Crisis Management for Active Shooters Active Shooter Preparations Place Power into the Hands of Your Staff

The devastating and tragic events from the Uvalde school shooting have left America rattled, with many municipalities and businesses rethinking their efforts regarding active shooter preparations. With gun violence being a hot topic in the American school system, including university campuses, many companies are also taking a second look at their active aggressor plans and considering their levels of preparedness.

Security guards and access control systems are integral to ensuring a safe place of work, but it doesn’t stop there. Educating your staff on the right course of action is a key part of mitigating risks. Everyone has a role to play during an active shooter situation, and your emergency preparedness will help ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Who Needs Active Shooter Preparations?

In 2022, threats of gun violence have proven not to be exclusive to one specific entity. The pandemic has strained the well-being of many people across North America, and everywhere from elementary schools, office spaces, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, and public spaces are all vulnerable to gun violence.

Active Shooter: Does My Organization Need to Plan for These Emergencies? Crisis Management for Active Shooters

Threats exist in many different forms, whether they be external or internal threats. Disgruntled employees can lash out, troubled students can partake in violence, or criminals can be violent without warning. Your business or institution requires ongoing planning and training that outlines what your staff should do in an active shooter situation. These plans should be unique to your organization and must be revised with a specialized third party to ensure their effectiveness.

Third parties that specialize in these concerns can spot issues with your preparations that would otherwise be overlooked. The value of this assistance cannot be overstated, as they can meticulously review each detail and revise these preparations to ensure property and people are protected during an active shooter situation.

Active Shooter Preparations for Your Organization

Active shooter incidents are fast-moving and unpredictable; when they occur, a fight or flight reaction is likely to kick in. Planning for these scenarios is imperative and can save lives if done correctly.

The Department of Homeland Security provides guidelines that can be expanded upon and molded to meet your organization’s needs. Many vendors can build upon these fundamentals and create incredibly specific directions for your organization. They are as follows:

Evacuate: Determine specific evacuation plans in the event of an emergency

Hide out: Train staff and students on the correct way to hide in an active shooter situation

Take action: Outline an absolute last resort plan to disrupt an active shooter, including plans to fight back

Flagging Potential Active Shooter Threats Crisis Management for Active Shooters

Your organization should have a process for spotting and responding to potential threats before they grow into active shooter situations. Many shooters, including both internal and external threats, will demonstrate several signs before their attack.

The Sandy Hook shooter gathered information on his target as part of his planning, visiting the school beforehand to research and gain important information to help his attack. This prompts the need for staff, students, and any professionals at your organization to recognize those who seem out of place and speak up.

Oftentimes, active shooters don’t have the information to plan their attack, forcing them to visit their target several times to be successful. Many organizations should take advantage of this fact and empower their people to react when they see suspicious activity.

Active Shooter: Policies for Reporting Suspicious Activity

Employers should also consider the right course of action for addressing suspicious activity that is reported by their employees. At times, information gathered by your staff needs to be passed on to authorities or dismissed as a false alarm. These are important decisions that can protect the people within your organization. Consider your policies for reporting suspicious activity and ensure that risks are addressed appropriately.

Active Shooter Preparations with AFIMAC

AFIMAC has long specialized in active shooter preparations for multiple Fortune 500 companies across Canada, the United States, Latin America, and Mexico. The risk of gun violence has surged in recent years, and employers and educators should take every step necessary to ensure the safety of their staff and students. Even municipal governments must prepare for such incidents with continuous planning and procedures, along with access control systems and security guards.

Lean on the experience of AFIMAC, the global leader in corporate and workplace security that can offer planning, training, and response for active shooter situations. We partner with small, medium, and large public and private sectors to prepare them for these types of events and can help mitigate the risks of active shooters.

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