You Have Just Completed Developing a Contingency. Question is…will it work?

January 11, 2011

Too many times we encounter plans that look good on paper but simply fail to meet the organization’s objectives.

Is this the fault of those tasked with planning or are there other factors?

Unlike almost all other scenarios, there isn’t much in the way of books or research materials that will assist you in developing a contingency plan for a work stoppage.

Don’t go it alone. A work stoppage has numerous dynamics that can impact the outcome.

Who can you turn to?

One suggestion would be other companies and organizations in your industry that have faced a labour dispute.

Industry experts are another good source. There are literally hundreds of consultants and security professionals all claiming to be experts. But being involved in a few work stoppages does not make someone an expert.

You will need an expert not just in the field of security but one with a good understanding of legal aspects, human resources, logistics and project management.

Nothing can replace experience as union tactics are ever changing.

To ensure your plan is going to work, have it reviewed.

Most plans are well written and from a thousand miles up, they look good.

The devil is in the details…which all too often are overlooked.
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