Worker Shortages Run Rampant Yet S&P 500 Hits New Highs

October 25, 2021

empty factory Is There Cause for Concern with Worker and Labor Shortages in North America?

Worker shortages are in plain sight as every industry is struggling to fill roles once sought after. Economic uncertainty continues to loom over the heads of many businesses challenged to supply demands and navigate the complications associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Should business owners be concerned over ongoing labor shortages? Find answers to common questions tailored to business owners of all sizes.

6 Must-Read Answers About Worker Shortages in North America

Top questions answered regarding labor and worker shortages in America.

1. What Does a Labor or Worker Shortage Mean?

Employers across North America are currently unable to fill roles due to a lack of applicants, leaving them in a constant state of hiring. “Help wanted” signs have been common among many small, medium, and large-sized businesses across both cities and small towns in the United States and Canada.

hard hat and gloves 2. Why is There a Worker Shortage?

Many people who once worked in low-paying jobs have sought out new opportunities in different industries. With so many companies hiring, employers have had to increase their offerings, creating a buyer’s market among job seekers.

3. What Industries are Impacted by Staffing and Worker Shortages?

The food, dining, and hospitality industry has been hit considerably hard by the ongoing worker shortage. Healthcare workers, including personal support workers, are also experiencing a labor crisis, along with the fast-food, warehouse, logistics, and manufacturing industries.

4. When Will the Labor and Worker Shortage End?

The end to the ongoing worker shortage is entirely uncertain.

5. Why Aren’t Workers Coming Back to Work?

Expanded unemployment benefits, new opportunities, absences related to covid that include parenting and taking care of elderly parents has contributed to North America’s labor shortage.

6. How Do You Solve a Worker Shortage?

Employers must improve their offerings to attract workers back to the job site and include a wage increase, health benefits, and signing bonuses. Educational stipends, job training, and apprentice programs can make available positions more attractive.

people working in an office Worker Shortages: Temporary Labor Solutions and Staffing Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is suited to address complications related to strikes, labor negotiations, walk-offs, absenteeism, and worker shortages among any industry.

AFIMAC can address long-term strikes or labor shortages with temporary workers across multiple industries by maintaining a directory of highly skilled laborers. These temporary workers provide a solution to challenges related to your supply chain or industry, helping to ease issues of absenteeism that have arisen.

Find solutions to other complex issues during these difficult times, including worker strikes, union negotiations, and executive protection services. Contact us directly to learn more about available services and address the challenges related to labor across North America.

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