When Will the Labor Shortage Come to An End?

September 20, 2021

Construction Workers Addressing North America’s Labor Shortage with Temporary Workers

Labor shortages across the United States and Canada continue to increase, creating another hurdle for businesses heading into a post-pandemic era. Many industries are experiencing ongoing labor issues, both unionized and not, that include absenteeism, low recruitment rates, job vacancies, and walk-offs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that by the end of April of 2021, the United States had 9.3 million available jobs. That is an astronomically high number for an economy struggling to supply demand and bounce back from a fiscally challenging pandemic. During this transition period, many industries have turned to temporary labor to address holes in their workforce.

When Will the Labor Shortage Come to an End?

The end of North America’s labor shortage is unforeseen. Many business owners have been leaning on temporary labor to address demand while continuing to revise employment offerings to entice those who remain hesitant to return to the workforce.

North America on Globe What Are the Impacts of a Labor Shortage in Canada and the United States?

If industries continue to experience a labor shortage, it could stall a full-economic rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. If businesses can’t fill open vacancies, they will have to increase the price of their services and products in order to raise wages and offer other benefits to their workers. It may also result in inflation.

What is temporary labor?

Temporary labor, often referred to as “temp work” or “temp workers,” are contracted employers provided by a third party to address labor shortages in a business. Typically, these workers are hired for short-term contracts and do not receive additional benefits that full-time, permanent employees receive.

healthcare Temporary Labor

Businesses of all sizes can address labor shortages with temp workers that are ready to fill in a wide variety of roles.

Twelve Industries That Are Suited for Temporary Labor

Small, medium and large businesses of all kinds can address labor shortages with temporary workers. These industries include:

  • Healthcare, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies
  • Agriculture, farming, and gardening
  • Construction, repair, and automotive
  • Welding, rail, and oil production
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics, warehouse, shipping, and receiving with complex supply chains
  • Hospitality, including food, catering, hotels, fast food, and dine-in restaurants
  • Property management and security
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Delivery and rideshare
  • Call centers, office administration, and professional services
  • Information technology

Hard Hats Labor Shortage Solutions Including Temporary Workers Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is suited to address complications related to strikes, labor negotiations, walk-offs, absenteeism, and worker shortages.

By maintaining a directory of highly skilled laborers, AFIMAC can address long-term strikes or labor shortages with temporary workers across multiple industries. These temporary workers provide a solution to challenges related to your supply chain or industry, helping to ease issues of absenteeism that have arisen post-pandemic.

Find solutions to complex issues during these difficult times, including worker strikes, union negotiations, and executive protection services. Contact us directly to learn more about available services and address the challenges related to labor across North America.

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