When are Strike Security and Workplace Violence Professionals Going to be Taken Seriously by Senior Management?

June 7, 2011

I can’t help but notice security professionals often take a back seat in a time of need. Why does legal, finance and human resources begin to make critical security decisions when input from those with knowledge, training and expertise are given little consideration.

A few examples come to mind. There was a recent high risk termination, where security was consulted only two hours prior to the dismissal of an employee with a violent past. The termination had been planned for one week and security was not notified. A second instance involved a firm facing a work stoppage. After an assessment and recommendations were completed by the strike security team and an external third party, the finance and legal department elected to shrink timelines, cut costs and reduce critical coverage without understanding the potential risks and not realizing that it could cost a lot more if an issue arose.

This is not a new problem. However security needs to raise its profile if it hopes to influence critical decisions.
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