The Perfect Storm – Labour Relations 2022

January 25, 2022

Strike Protest COVID-19 and market conditions have created the perfect storm. Companies negotiating in 2022 can expect big demands from their unions. Labour shortages and inflation are causing concerns at the bargaining table. Several high-profile strikes have occurred in the US and Canada over the past twelve months.

For the past ten years, unions have been forced to accept conditions. The tables have now turned, and union members can seek significant gains. Workers have seen reports of record profits and significant increases in executive pay over the past two years.

If you are preparing to bargain in 2022, you will need a contingency plan. Items to consider:

  • How will you continue to supply your customers?
  • Where will I find temp workers to support contingency plans?
  • Will you accept cross-border shipments from other sites with the current driver shortage?
  • If a strike occurs, will workers come back or find jobs elsewhere?
  • How can we remain competitive and profitable?
  • Security and evidence gathering – what will you need to manage picket lines and ensure you have evidence for a court injunction?
  • How will non-striking staff get to work? Will you provide transportation?
  • What health safety measures will you need for staff travelling together to prevent the spread of COVID?
  • Will you have truck drivers move products and supplies – transportation planning?
  • Temporary workers – how many will you need?
  • What COVID measures are required for a temporary workforce?
  • Security barriers and access controls will need to be reviewed
  • Camera systems will need to be reviewed

If you would like to receive a copy of our Contingency planning guide, please email AFIMAC also offers consulting services and training support to organizations that need help in building plans.
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