Staffing Agencies and Temporary Labor Are Fending Off an Impending Labor Crisis

September 27, 2021

Construction Worker Temporary Labor Plays an Important Role in the Economic Rebound

The economic bounce back post-pandemic has left many employers puzzled as to why they can’t fill available roles. The North American economy continues to be in a complicated place, where workers haven’t flocked back to the job site, leaving employers scrambling to meet demand and maintain profitability. Temporary labor has played an important role for businesses attempting to navigate a surge in demand, with absenteeism, walk-offs, and worker shortages that continue to run rampant across the continent.

Job listings that once received hundreds of applicants before the pandemic are now going unfilled. The mystery continues to unravel as the economic recovery continues, without full participation from the labor market. Business owners will have to take great measures to ensure they can fend off the ongoing labor crisis in America.

Why is There a Labor Shortage in the United States?

USA Flag Where are all the workers in the United States is anything but simple. Here are some potential reasons as to why workers have not returned to the job site.

  • Fear continues to play a critical role in the economic recovery of America. Variants of the COVID-19 virus pose significant risks, and even fully vaccinated workers might not want to return to work for fear of getting sick. Employers will need to take great measures to ensure that their workforces are protected from ongoing threats of COVID-19.
  • Unemployment benefits have helped many workers make ends meet during the pandemic. Now, with benefits set to end in the fall, many people have been left weighing the pros and cons of working a low-paying job and earning similar money while on unemployment benefits.
  • Childcare has become an increasingly challenging issue for many parents. Some childcare facilities closed permanently during the pandemic, leaving parents to care for their children instead of returning to work. Single parents, in particular, are in a difficult situation as they can’t lean on one partner to earn as the other manages children at home.
  • Selective job searching is another potential reason for the lack of available workers. The jobs that once paid low wages and limited benefits aren’t as appealing as they once were, and some workers are searching for better options or returning to school. Many workers know there are more jobs available than people willing to go back to work, creating a favorable market where applicants can shop around for different options.
  • Mass retirement occurred throughout the pandemic, leaving employers with skilled roles that are unfilled. As older and more experienced workers embraced retirement instead of working through the pandemic, labor challenges have been compounded as available workers lack the skills and training to take on more senior positions.

Cement Workers How Can Temporary Labor Address Worker Shortages?

Many business owners will have to rethink their employment offerings to remain competitive in a job market that highly favors applicants seeking work. An increase in wages might not be the solution to the labor crisis either, as applicants are now seeking opportunities to grow their skillsets. Job security, extended health benefits, remote work options, childcare options, and ongoing job training are some of the many ways that employers can entice workers back to the job site.

Temporary labor has offered a reprieve from some of the many complications of the current job market. For those who employ unionized workforces, the relationship between employer and union is likely to grow more difficult. Walkoffs, strikes, and picketing are expected to increase in the coming months as employers attempt to address demand with limited employees.

Construction Worker Temporary Labor Solutions Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC continues to be recognized as the industry leader in temporary work solutions for corporations across multiple industries. AFIMAC can address complications related to strikes, labor negotiations, walk-offs, or absenteeism among your workforce. AFIMAC maintains a directory of highly skilled laborers that can address long-term strikes or shortages and can assist with any complicated labor negotiations as they arise.

Temporary workers provide a solution to challenges related to your supply chain and can help ease issues of absenteeism that have arisen post-pandemic. Should your business experience labor shortages or any other economic uncertainty, AFIMAC can offer solutions while helping navigate challenges with union negotiations and strikes. Further, AFIMAC can address other issues that may arise during these challenges, including strike security, remote terminations, and executive protection service offerings.

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