Protecting Your Supply Chain with Temporary Workers

November 8, 2021

construction workers Temporary Workers Help North American Industries Bounce Back Post-Pandemic

The ongoing labour shortage in North America has challenged the resiliency of many supply chains that have already experienced continuous disruptions as a result of the pandemic. Today, many industries have had to adjust their offerings in an effort to bring back workers to the job site. Despite renowned offerings, many corporations have had little luck filling every available role. Qualified workers for all industries have come in short supply despite ongoing hiring efforts with new benefits, job training, and signing bonuses. Temporary workers and labour have been one of the few solutions to labour shortages in North America as employers iron out the details between themselves and their workforces.

Are you considering hiring a temporary workforce? Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions for business owners, in any industry, in North America. These frequently asked questions can help you make an informed decision when hiring a temporary workforce.

Why Should a Business Use Temporary Workers?

When union negotiations between an employer go sour or laid-off employees are unwilling to come back to work, temporary workers or “temp workers” can address swings in supply and demand even when other labourers refuse to come back to the job site. Temporary workers can step in to fill vacant roles and be dispatched to multiple job sites to make up for the lack of skilled labourers.

contract signing Can I Hire Temporary Workers Once Their Contract Expires?

Yes. Many temporary workers view contract or temporary labour as a means to finding permanent full-time work and can be hired once their contracts expire.

Is Temporary Labour Cheaper Than Hiring Full-Time Workers?

Yes. Temporary workers typically do not have the same rights or benefits as full-time, unionized labourers, including medical and dental perks, paid sick leave, or vacation time. Temporary labour can be used to cut costs and save money or address swings in demand within your industry.

Where Can I Hire Temporary Workers?

Many employment agencies offer temporary contracts to businesses needing to fill roles on short notice due to strikes, walk-offs, or absenteeism. Workforces can be dispatched quickly across North America.

danger hart hat area sign What Are the Negatives for Hiring Temporary Workers?

When employers contract out temporary workers during a labour strike or disruption, unionized workers could react negatively in the form of strikes or protests.

What is a Labour Strike?

Labour strikes are traditionally organized work stoppages on behalf of a worker’s union to negotiate higher wages or other benefits. Workers will typically picket their place of employment or delay the flow of goods and services in and out of the job site. Striking workers have the legal right to demonstrate or picket.

What Happens if My Workforce Responds Negatively to the Use of Temporary Workers?

Third-party agencies can offer security services that address some of the unfortunate incidents that can occur during a strike or difficult labour negotiation. This includes executive protection, access control systems, protective drivers, and video monitoring systems to protect people or company property.

construction stie Temporary Worker and Labour Solutions Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is suited to address complications related to strikes, labour negotiations, walk-offs, absenteeism, and worker shortages in any industry, big or small. Temporary workers supplied by AFIMAC can be dispatched quickly, offering solutions to supply chain disruptions that can challenge productivity and harm your bottom line.

AFIMAC can address long-term strikes or labour shortages with temporary workers even at remote job sites by maintaining a directory of highly skilled labourers. These temporary workers provide a solution to challenges related to your supply chain or industry, helping to ease issues of absenteeism that have arisen post-pandemic.

Find solutions to other complex issues during these difficult times, including worker strikes security, corporate security, union negotiations, vaccine mandates, and executive protection services.

Contact us directly to learn more about available services and address the challenges related to labour shortages across North America.

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