Pandemic Business Continuity Planning – Return to Work Considerations

May 5, 2020

Various governments have started to implement return to work plans for nonessential workplaces. Certain companies will open immediately, while others will reopen gradually.

AFIMAC has been supporting essential businesses with wellness screenings for the past six weeks. During this time, we have gained valuable information that can help your company develop potential screening plans.

The following are significant points to consider:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • How to deal with peak times and spikes in foot traffic
  • Indoor v outdoor screening
  • Canopies, tents and screening structures
  • PPE for screening staff – optics and messaging
  • Training for in house screening staff
  • Next steps to take if an employer or visitor fails screening
  • Signage – where and what verbiage to use
  • Impact of weather on temperature scans
  • Thermal cameras – permanent installations

Our wellness screening entails:

  • COVID-19 questionnaires
  • Thermal temperature scans

Many companies are requiring employees and contractors to complete return to work questionnaires. We have developed a digital screen tool that can be completed digitally from any mobile device. It will keep track of all documents, ensure you have consent, and sign-off.

You may also need to collect additional information related to visitors, contractors, guests as well as deliver drivers. Our screening tool will also allow you to:

  • Obtain consent
  • Upload photos
  • Upload government ID
  • Complete any site related questions

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