Occupying With Social Media and Work Stoppage Support

January 4, 2012

Recent news articles regarding high profile labour disputes are showing that the Occupy Movement is aligned with the labour movement. Both groups have indicated their full support for one another, and the support is not just funding. It also involves attending rallies, protests and now manning picket lines. Is this a shift in tactics by the unions? Will this mean more aggressive actions will be planned during work stoppages? Is this the union’s solution to fighting big business? This will all be determined in the near future.

Organizations developing contingency plans must take into consideration this new dynamic, including the use of blogs and social media to rally the community as well as union members. No longer will a strike consist of just organized labour – you can expect different groups to be involved to assist a protest, but also because it offers a ready-made platform to drive their message on a big stage.
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